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Miki Tsurugi is a staff anesthesiologist at the Mochizuki General Hospital and has been a member of the secret Black Label organization since near it's beginnings. Along with her medical skills comes impressive sniper and stealth abilities.


Triage X Vol. 1 JPN (Dec 2009)
Triage X Vol. 1 JPN (Dec 2009)

Miki Tsurugi (剣美姫, Tsurugi Miki) is a main character in the Triage X series that was created by Shoji Sato. It began serialization as a bi-monthly series in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age in 2009.

Her first appearance was in Triage X Volume 1 CH. 1 "CASE: 1 Hell's Prescription I - Cross of Fresh Blood".

Character Evolution

Miki is a brilliant young woman with an impressive background in medical science. Though she's often the more mature member of the team, Miki is prone to jealousy over her best friend Yuuko's popularity with her patients and others. She's also the guardian of Mikoto Kiba, and does her best to keep Sayo Hitsugi and Yuuko from teasing or corrupting Arashi Mikami too much.

Age: 29

Hair: Red

Eyes: Red

Height: 163cm (5' 4.25")

Measurements: 80-55-82cm (31-22-32in.)

Major Story Arcs

CASE 1: Hell's Prescription

Miki and Yuuko Sagiri worked as support and observation on the first mission of Arashi Mikami. Miki shot down the supports of the gate to allow Arashi and Mikoto Kiba into the mansion of Hideo Aranami to kill him. With this done, Miki and Yuuko had to return to Mochizuki Hospital for a surgery, despite it being her day off. Later, they attended Arashi's official welcoming to Black Label.

CASE 2: Surgical Strike

Miki stealth kills
Miki stealth kills

Team Amploule One returned from the mission to eliminate Taisei Aranami with an innocent hostage and some bad news that the second target, Jin Masaki, had escaped. Miki and Yuuko interrogated Miss Fujino to see if they could ascertain the location of the bank books her father had hidden. Under the influence of Miki's special drugs, it became obvious that the young woman didn't know anything. Though, that didn't stop Masaki from sending men to abduct Miss Fujino, and they ran over Granny Kimura, one of Yuuko's former patients, with a car during their escape. The entire Black Label team prepared as Fiona tracked Masaki down.

He was located in an abandoned building, but had build up a large army of local thugs and armed them heavily. Miki spotted Detective Isoroku running in, then she proceeded to silently kill all the armed men in the stairwells. She later found a room that had Mikoto and Arashi looking rather close. So much that they never noticed Miki come in and start treating the wounded police detectives. Miki tried to send the two home, but they pleaded with her to let them finish what they started. She allowed them to go on, then handed over Isoroku and Suzue over to Oriha to evacuate. Back in the baths of the hospital, Miki was shocked to learn that Sayo had tried to invite Arashi to join them.

CASE 3: Midnight Guerrilla

The former Black label member Shinichiro Inunaki showed up with a video of Arashi and Mikoto killing Jin Masaki, but he denied he was blackmailing the group. Miki was present with Yuuko as Dr. Mochizuki paid Inunaki for the footage. As they were dealing with the issue of a female arsonist killing Black Label's targets, Miki was trying to deal with the tension between Mikoto and Arashi. A few nights later, Mikoto came to the hospital for help for Yuu Momokino, a fellow classmate, after she was nearly raped by a drug crazy young man. Upon questioning Yuu, Miki learned that Mikoto had learned about a Kabuto Syndicate leader's warning from the cellphone of the attacker.

Miki called to warn the team that Mikoto had gone rogue after the Kabuto leader. They all dispatched to back her up, but they were unable to help Mikoto from saving the Chikage Hizaki, the female arsonist, that she had befriended. Chikage ended her own life by falling into the burning building upon learning of how she had been manipulated and used by her master. However, her remains were never identified.

Side Chapter: Color Way Up North

Miki and Yuuko went out on a mission together up north to eliminate the leader of a growing fanatical cult, Senzen Komine. As Yuuko went after Kimine, Miki blew up the road to prevent his followers from arriving to his aide, and she sniped them all in their cars. The two later went to a traditional Japanese inn to relax, but Miki ended up getting drunk and complaining about finding a man.

Powers & Abilities

Miki in battle gear
Miki in battle gear

Miki Tsurigi is a human with with no supernatural of other worldly powers. Her skills come from her own study and training.


Miki is the sniper of the Black Label team. She uses a variety of long range rifles and is an excellent shot.


As a part of being a top in her field anesthesiologist, Miki has an incredible understanding of chemical components and and how they react to human biology. She has developed her own form of truth serum that Yuuko affectionately calls Miki Medicine. This puts the patient into a trance-like state to tell the truth and have no memory of this interrogation.


Along with her skills as a sniper, Miki is highly proficient in stealth. This way she can infiltrate a location, perform recon, and take what ever position she needs to fire from. In the dark, she can go completely unnoticed to take out targets at close range, as well.

Weapons & Equipment

The Black Label teams use almost exclusively custom weapons made specifically for them. This is to ensure they can't be easily traced back to them. Miki specializes in using long range sniper rifles or silenced pistols. Any weapon that accommodates a silent sniper style of combat.

Sniper Rifles

One of Miki's prefer rifles is often the M14EBR (Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle). This is a favorite weapon of the US Navy Seals. This rifle is 35 in (889 mm) in length and can weight up to 11.24 lb (5.1 kg). It's effetice range can be as far as 500 m (547 yd) or over 800 m (875 yd) with optical zoom. When used effectively, it could even strike a target from 2.5 miles (4.23 kilometers).

Another rifle Miki has used it the NTW-20 that is called the Indra Arrow. This is an anti-artillery rifle that Miki has used to shoot large holes into concrete walls. She used this rifle once before to shoot out the supports on a heavy metal gate, causing the gate to fall over.

Silenced Pistols

For close quarters combat, Miki will often used a silenced pistol. She will sneak up behind a target in the dark then shoot them at the base of the skull.

Miki Medicine

The Miki Medicine is the name Yuuko gave the truth serum that Miki has developed. This puts the patient into a trance that allows them to question a person. Afterward, the person has no memory of being questioned.

Other Media


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