Mikey Dowling

    Character » Mikey Dowling appears in 10 issues.

    The tomboyish Mikey Dowling is the capable stage manager of Zatanna's magic shows. She has gained Zatanna's trust and the two have become good friends.

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    When Oscar Hampel transformed Zatanna into his leading marionette, it was up to Zatanna's prop master Mikey Dowling to save the day. Mikey saw Hampel as guest star on a late night show with a Zatanna looking puppet. Mikey arrives at Stefanacci's Magic Museum in Hollywood and begins to flirt with Oscar as a makeup artist in order to gain access to his dressing room. Mikey distracts Oscar long enough to knock him out with chloroform. Mikey finds Zatanna and tries to help her in finding a spell that will reverse the damage that Oscar has caused.

    Unfortunately, Oscar regains his consciousness and sees Mikey helping Zatanna. Oscar reaches for the mystical artifacts that he stole from Zatanna and tries to put a curse on Mikey. Fortunately, Mikey had a magical aura placed around her by Zatanna sometime ago. Mikey's magical aura ricochets Oscar's spell back at Oscar and he is transformed into a dummy once again.

    It was revealed via flashback that Mikey was originally male, but was irreversibly gender swapped through unexplained means.


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