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    Mikel Fury is the son of Nick Fury and a highly trained covert operative who formerly used the codename Scorpio. He has seemingly died in the pages of Secret Warriors.

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    Mikel Fury was raised by his mother, Amber D'Alexis, believing that he was actually the son of Jake Fury and that Nick Fury was responsible for his father's apparent death. In truth, he was Nick's illegitimate son and was being used as a simple pawn in his mother's scheme of revenge against Nick and S.H.I.E.L.D. 

    Mikel's mother made sure he grew up to be a highly trained and skilled covert operative, because he was to be her primary weapon against Nick Fury. To further motivate Mikel, his was given the Scorpio identity Jake seemingly died using and a weapon based off the Zodiac Key called the Cosmic Key.


    Mikel Fury was created by Archie Goodwin and Howard Chaykin in the Scorpio Connection, a two issue team-up story starring Nick Fury and Wolverine.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Scorpio Connection

     Mikel is the new Scorpio
     Mikel is the new Scorpio
    Amber D'Alexis, Mikel's mother, finally decided the time was right to move against Nick Fury and allied with an illegal arms dealing operation known as Swift Sword. Mikel, as Scorpio, was sent out to get Nick's attention by taking out an ineffective Swift Sword cell in Peru. This plan backfired as it led to the death of an undercover and corrupt S.H.I.E.L.D. again named David Nanjiwarra, who happened to be an old friend of Wolverine. This put both Nick and Wolverine on the hunt for Mikel, the new Scorpio.  

    In the final confrontation, Mikel was wounded in the shoulder by a shot fired by Nick and all of the lies were revealed to him. Nick was his real father, and he was nothing but a tool of revenge to his mother. This was followed by the sight of Wolverine killing his mother before she could use the Scorpio Key to kill both him and his father. Wolverine was ready to kill him as well for the death of Agent Nanjiwarra, but Nick talked Wolverine down, saying Mikel could not be blamed for being so manipulated by his mother.

    Nick had Mikel taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody to begin the process of undoing all that Mikel's mother had done and of getting to know his son.

    Scorpio Rising

    Despite the truth being known, the reconciliation between father and son did not go smoothly. What did not help matters was that Carpasia, the former Soviet republic Mikel had been raised in, was descending deeper and deeper into a bloody civil war. This led to Mikel escaping from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody with his Scorpio suit and Cosmic Key. Nick and Wolverine caught up to him in Carpasia, and together, they eliminated the HYDRA-backed administration that was tearing the country apart. In its place, Mikel was installed as Carpasia's new president.

    Mikel had grand plans to rebuild Carpasia but found himself surrounded by corruption at every turn. When it became clear that the situation was hopeless, he left Carpasia and returned to the United States to see his father and become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Even as an event, he continued to use the codename Scorpio and the Cosmic Key, but he no longer wore the Scorpio costume.

    Over the Edge

    Mikel poses as Nick Fury 
    Mikel poses as Nick Fury 
    When the Punisher was drugged and brainwashed into a psychotic state where he believed Nick Fury was responsible for killing his family, Mikel became a target. The Punisher ambushed him on the roof of his apartment building and nearly killed him. It was only the intervention of Daredevil that saved his life. Recovering quickly, Mikel took lead on the manhunt for Punisher, not wanting Nick in the field since Nick was Punisher's true target. Mikel even went so far as to impersonate Nick to bait Punisher into attacking him.

    Despite Punisher not being in his right mind, Mikel was a supporter of using lethal force to take him down if it came down to that. However when the opportunity arose, Mikel chose not to take the shot and take Punisher alive. Punisher was soon captured but not before he seemingly gunned down Nick, who was actually replaced by a life model decoy.

    Wheels Within Wheels

     Team Gray's death
     Team Gray's death
    When Nick Fury went underground to wage a war against HYDRA and Leviathan, Mikel was drafted into Nick's Secret Warriors. Three teams were formed from a list of untapped superhumans Nick had and referred to as his Caterpillar files, and Mikel took command of Team Gray. His first recruit was an old friend of his named Carlos Ayala. His team was tasked with gathering intelligence on Leviathan.

    In the final moves of Nick's secret war, HYDRA was experiencing an internal civil war. Mikel led an assault on the Hive's base, which was one of the final strongholds supporting the Gorgon in the HYDRA struggle. Unfortunately, Mikel and his entire team died in the assault, which was successful in destroying the base.

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