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    Mike Tyson is considered one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, fighting from 1985-2006, he was seen as one of the hardest hitters of all time, and one of the most feared fighters of all time, taking the name "Iron Mike Tyson" and "The Baddest Man On The Planet".

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    Early Years

    Michael Gerald Tyson was born on June 30th 1966, Brooklyn, New York City. Tyson's father abandoned his family when Tyson was 2 years of age, Tyson grew up having a rough life, mugging people, getting into fights, etc. Tyson moved to Brownsville at age 10, in 1976. By age 12, Tyson had been arrested 38 times, he ended up in the Tyron School for Boys in Johnstown, it was there that his Boxing ability was discovered by Bobby Stewart, a juvenile detention center counselor and former boxer. Stewart considered Tyson as an amazing fighter and eventually introduced him to his future mentor and legal guardian, Cus D'Amato. By age 13, Tyson was 5''9 and 190lbs, Kevin Rooney, who also trained Tyson could not believe Tyson was the size of a fully grown man, having only being 13, but Cus D'Amato had to show Kevin his birth certificate. Tyson was so big he was paired up with the 16 year olds, as now 13 year old would fight him, and even then Tyson knocked out his opponents.

    Amateur Career

    Tyson competed as an amateur, and had a consistent record. He competed at the 1981 and 1982 Junior Olympic Games, and won the Gold Medal twice. In 1981 against Joe Cortez and in 1982 against Kelton Brown. He holds a record by performing a knockout in 8 seconds, he won every bout at the Junior Olympic Games by knockout. He fought and lost 2 controversial decisions to Henry Tillman in the amateurs.

    Professional Career

    Tyson made his professional debut as an 18 year old on March 6th, 1985. He defeated Hector Mercedes, via first round knockout. He had 15 professional in his first year of his professional career. He went on to win all of his bouts throughout 1985-1990. Overall, throughout his entire career, Tyson had 58 fights, 50 wins, 44 KO's, 6 losses, 0 draws and 2 no contests.

    Mike Tyson vs Trevor Berbick (1986)

    On November 22, 1986, Mike Tyson finally got a title shot at Trevor Berbick for the WBC title, if Tyson won he would become the youngest Heavyweight champion ever at age 20. Tyson knocked Trevor Berbick with some powerful shots, Tyson continued to landed powerful shots and in the 2nd round the referee decided to stop the fight. Mike Tyson won the fight via Round 2 TKO. The bout was heavily publicized. Even celebrities like Muhammad Ali turned up for the fight and rooted for Tyson.

    Mike Tyson vs James Smith (1987)

    On March 7, 1987, Mike Tyson defended his WBC title against James Smith and fought for the WBA title. Tyson became a massive celebrity and was one of the most popular celebrities on the planet. Mike Tyson fought for the title but could not manage to KO James Smith, many considered the bout to be boring and were disappointed by Tyson on that fight. Nevertheless, Tyson won by Unanimous Decision and won the WBA title from James Smith. This was the 2nd belt Tyson won.

    Mike Tyson vs Tony Tucker (1987)

    On August 1, 1987, he fought Tony Tucker for the IBF title, Tyson won not by knockout, but by Unanimous Decision. Mike Tyson became the first heavyweight to own all 3 major belts, the IBF - WBA - WBC.

    Mike Tyson vs Michael Spinks (1988)

    On June 27, 1988, Mike fought for the Ring Heavyweight title. Even though he wasn't really recognized as a champion, even Ring Magazine agreed that he had a legit claim to being a true Heavyweight champion. Spinks won the IBF title from Larry Holmes in 1985, the title was stripped from him as he refused to fight a contender. The fight was heavily publicized, and was expected to be an even, long fight that would be a good fight. This was all proven wrong when Tyson knocked Spinks out in only 1 round. Mike Tyson had now become the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. The fight only lasted 91 seconds, and ended Michael Spinks career. He never fought again.

    Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas (1990)

    Having KO'd Michael Spinks, Tyson fired Kevin Rooney and Bill Cayton, and employed a new team. This proved to greatly diminish his fighting skills. He lost his Peek-A-Boo style and accuracy, but still succeeded in defending his title against Frank Bruno and Carl Williams. Tyson's next fight was against Journeyman James ''Buster'' Douglas, Douglas entered the fight as a 42-1 underdog, most critics were making it out to be an easy win for Tyson.

    On February 10th, 1990, Buster Douglas shocked the world by dominating the entire fight with his jab, and knocking out Mike Tyson in the 10th round with his uppercut and hooks. It was named the biggest upset in boxing history.

    Razor Ruddock and Rape

    In 1991, Tyson fought Ruddock twice, first winning by a controversial TKO in the 7th round, when it was clear Ruddock could have easily continued. And then by decision in the 2nd match, but in 1992, Tyson was found guilty of raping beauty contestant Desiree Washington, and went to prison for 3 years (1992-95).


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    On August 15, 1995, having being released from prison, Mike Tyson made his comeback at age 29. Mike was to fight Peter McNeeley. McNeeley tried to beat Tyson at his own game pounding at him, but none of his hits had any affect, Tyson then threw a straight to his chin which knocked him down, he then knocked McNeeley again, his corner threw in the towel and it was awarded a TKO in the first round, it lasted only 89 seconds. It appeared that Iron Mike Tyson was back, and his fighting ability had greatly approved since his downfall from 1989-91. Despite being a knockout artist, it was visible his skills had diminished and his speed had gone.


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