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Lt. Mike Travers was an army buddy of Luther Manning, after Manning's presumed death, Travers dated and then married Manning's widow.


Mike Travers was created by Doug Moench and Rich Buckler and first appeared in Astonishing Tales #26. Decades later, the character was reinvented as part of a new Deathlok by Charlie Huston and Lan Medina in Deathlok the Demolisher #1.

Character Evolution

When Roxxon becag profiting by using acts of war as entertainment, Mike Travers became their poster boy and "super-soldier". Known for his cocky and reckless attitude, Travers fought in televised front-lines of war. His attitude eventually led to his death in a televised "war", Roxxon determined not to lose their "face" used his remains, as well as those of Luther Manning, to create the ultimate war-toy: Deathlok the Demolisher.

Sharing a consciousness with both Manning and the Deathlok CPU, Travers and Manning were hunted by across a subconscious landscape by an armored knight representing Deathlok who wished for dominance over their body. After running away from Deathlok for "what seemed like years", Travers had enough and stood up to Deathlok whom he didn't stand a chance against and his subconscious self was killed.


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