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    Mike Nelson, code name Eagle, with his trusty FG42 rifle fights behind enemy lines in World War 2, in both Europe and the Pacific.

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    Unusually for Battle Picture Weekly, Mike Nelson has separate, distinct adventures, each with their own title.

    1. Day of the Eagle (Battle Picture Weekly #1 - Battle 1 - Battle Picture Weekly #12 - Battle 12 ) has Mike Nelson tasked with assassinating Hitler and seemingly being killed by radiation after witnessing a Nazi nuclear weapon test.
    2. The Death's Head Dossier (Battle Picture Weekly #14 - Battle 14 - Battle Picture Weekly #23 - Battle 23) has Nelson investigating a spy ring in Britain, discovering traitors within his own organisation.
    3. Return of the Eagle (Battle Picture Weekly #25 - Battle 25 - Battle Picture Weekly #50 - Battle 50) has Nelson acting as an assassin across Nazi-occupied Europe and concludes with the apparent death of his arch-enemy Kleiber.
    4. Night of the Eagle (Battle Picture Weekly #51 - Battle 51 - Battle Picture Weekly #53 - Battle 53) has Nelson cross Europe by train with critical battle plans, pursued by the Gestapo.
    5. The Eagle Flies East (Battle Picture Weekly #55 - Battle 55 - Battle Picture Weekly #75 - Battle 75) has Nelson disguising himself as a German scientist and thereby infiltrating a Japanese installation. He then goes on to work with US Intelligence services across the Pacific.
    6. The Eagle Must Die (Battle Picture Weekly #76 - Battle 76 - Battle Picture Weekly #85 - Battle 85 ) sees Nelson discover a Nazi doppelganger for Churchill but being treated as a traitor himself.
    7. Operation Black Death ( Battle Picture Weekly #100 - Battle 100 - Battle Picture Weekly #112 - Battle 112 ) in which Nelson foils the Gestapo and a renegade scientist, attempting to create an airborne plague. Much of the story is set in a devastated Berlin.
    8. Rogue Eagle ( Battle Picture Weekly #114 - Battle 114 - Battle Picture Weekly #120 - Battle 120 ) has Nelson chasing down escaped Nazis, with the header panel showing how many he has "eliminated" each week. The war is over. Is he really dead this time?

    (to be continued?)


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