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Mikas, A.K.A. Soulfather, claimed to have been taken as a boy by Mr. Kline and mutated, but it was later revealed that Mikas was in fact a robot although he refused to believe this. Mikas was tasked by Mr. Kline to capture Marianne Rodgers. Succeeding in this task, he used Rodgers as bait for Iron Man who soon defeats him.


Mikas was created by Gerry Conway and George Tuska, first appearing in Iron Man #42.

Major Story Arcs

When Demons Wail/Doomprayer

Mikas is tasked by Mr. Kline to destroy Iron Man by using his girlfriend, Marianne Rodgers, as bait. Iron Man went to rescue Rodgers, who had been kidnapped by Mikas, but was initially overpowered by him. However, Marianne used her psychic powers to break free from Mikas' control and Iron Man was forced to release all of his suit's energy to escape, which caused a large explosion, supposedly killing Mikas and his servants.

Powers and Abilities

Mikas believed his powers to be caused due to the fact that he was a god-like mutant who could gain powers from the Earth but this was later revealed to be false. Mikas' powers include:

  • Energy Absorption - Mikas was capable of drawing energy from the very Earth, which formed a basis for the rest of his powers
  • Energy Blasts - Mikas was able to shoot "blasts" of pure energy at his targets.
  • Energy Shields - He was capable of creating shields of energy.
  • Illusion Casting - Mikas had the ability to create illusions.
  • Telepathy - Mikas was able to control the minds of even those with powerful telepathy, like Marianne Rodgers.
  • Superhuman Strength - Mikas possess strength greater than many Metahumans.
  • Teleportation - He was also capable of teleportation.

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