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    Amatsu-Mikaboshi is the Japanese god of chaos and evil, an aspect of Oblivion. His goal was to put an end to creation and bring about a new age of chaos and void. After almost destroying the Multiverse, he was sealed off to a realm, where he dwells in a endless nothingess for all of eternity.

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    Zeus Falls and Olympus dies.
    Zeus Falls and Olympus dies.

    Amatsu-Mikaboshi was, for ages, believed to be The Japanese God of Evil and Chaos. But this belief is not so, as it was recently revealed Mikaboshi is an aspect of Oblivion and the void against which Eternity and his counterparts are defined. Indeed, Mikaboshi was the Multiverse itself before The Creation Event sent him tumbling down the cosmic food chain and forced him to become a mere Godling. Long after his fall from grace, Mikaboshi began seeking out the legendary Grasscutter sword to aid him in his war with the Kami. He managed to obtain the sword and with it, was able to bring The Shinto Pantheon to its knees, which caused quite a stir amongst the other Pantheons and the Skyfathers who ruled over them. He later attacked Olympus, kidnapped Ares's son, Alex, and brainwashed him for years, hoping to turn him into a new god of war that would rival his own his father in power and strength.

    His ultimate goal, however, was to destroy Zeus and force all the other Pantheons into submission using the Skyfather's death as an example of their fate should they defy his will. He maimed Achilles, slaughtered Zeus and nearly killed Hercules, Apollo, Ares and Athena, had Zeus not helped them with the last remnants of his power. When Zeus removed Alexander's brainwashing, Alexander quickly used the Grasscutter blade (ironically given to him by Mikaboshi), to defeat the malicious deity. Though presumed slain, Mikaboshi had survived, but was captured by the Kami and imprisoned in the underworld.


    Marvel comics adaptation of the mythological figure Amatsu-Mikaboshi is first referenced in Thor: Blood Oath #6 written by Michael Avon Oeming with art by Scott Kolins. In Japanese mythology Amatsu-Mikaboshi is known as the god of evil and of stars, and is also known by the title August Star of Heaven.

    Character Evolution

    Mikaboshi has undergone dramatic character development in his Marvel comics fictional history thus far. Initially introduced by Michael Avon Oeming in the Thor Blood Oath mini series, Oeming would expand on the Japanese god of evil in the 2006 Ares: God of War mini series, utilizing Mikaboshi as the primarily antagonist.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Secret Invasion

    Mikaboshi shows Zeus the difference in power
    Mikaboshi shows Zeus the difference in power

    Later on when Athena held a meeting to build a strike force against the Skrulls, Mikaboshi was chosen as the representative of the Amatsu-Kami and given a chance at redemption. During the event Mikaboshi used his powers to obtain a map to the realm of the Skrull gods from the demon Nightmare and battled the Skrull Goddess Sl'gur't in a vicious shape-shifting contest of iron will and raw power.Shortly after Hercules, Snowbird and Amadeus Cho, who all thought Mikaboshi had died in combat, departed from The Skrull Gods' realm, Mikaboshi shed his Sl'gur't disguise and replaced the Skrull Gods as the Master of their Slave Army, claiming that they would have their revenge. Later on, Mikaboshi and his armies stormed The M'kraan Palace deep within The M'kraan Crystal and slew The Shi'ar Gods Sharra and K'ythri along with the rest of the Shi'ar Pantheon. At some unknown point during Mikaboshi's travels, the entity known as Glory willfully offered his services to Mikaboshi so that he could revel in the massive slaughters that were sure to come.

    Mikaboshi then returned to Everinnye, the Dream Dimension, and tore Nightmare's heart out and cut through his armies with barely any effort. Nightmare, who is surprisingly still alive, asked why Mikaboshi has attacked him as they are practically "brothers" using the argument that Mikaboshi's darkness was the place where Nightmare dwells. Nightmare then offered to aid Mikaboshi in his quest in what seemed to be an obviously desperate bid to get his heart back. But instead of accepting, Mikaboshi scoffed at Nightmares offer, crushed his heart, decapitated him and took Nightmare's power for himself. Power which he used to drive Humanity mad and force them all, including Earth's heroes save for Hercules, Amadeus Cho and the remaining Gods of Earth.

    Mikaboshi was later seen following Hela and her armies into Pluto's realm as she tries to warn the Greek God of Death of Mikaboshi's approach. Desperate to keep the Chaos King and his army of Slave Gods from adding him to the list of conquered deities, Pluto freed all of his prisoners and grants them full pardon from his realm if they agree to fight Mikaboshi's Slave Gods in his name. Unshackled, Zeus and Ares took command of the freed dead in Pluto's realm and led them into battle against Mikaboshi and his army. Zeus, wanting full revenge for what Mikaboshi did to him, his Pantheon and his home, takes on Mikaboshi once more only to end up being dispatched even faster by the Chaos King then he had been the first time they fought. Mikaboshi killed Zeus with but a single strike and ensnared the minds of Ares, Hera and most of the beings Pluto and Hela had enslaved long ago, with the exception of some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

    During this time Mikaboshi banished Mistress Death, one of his fellow Abstracts, from our reality, making it impossible for anyone to die. With her gone and the rules that kept life and death separated from each other now erased, Mikaboshi awakened and enslaved every single soul who had kept The Underworlds connected to one another since the Dawn of Humanity and added them to his army, signaling his final victory over The Underworlds.

    With his dominion over the fallen realms of the dead and the damned now established, Mikaboshi sent Zeus, Ares, Hera and his armies to Earth to herald his arrival and to destroy anyone stupid enough to try and undermine his plans, including Hercules and his new God Squad. Little did anyone know, Mikaboshi was using Zeus' corpse like a puppet through which he brought Galactus to his knees. It was not until after he resorted to trickery and convinced Hercules to reveal the location of the Skyfathers and the doorways to their respective realms that Mikaboshi revealed himself by tearing his way out of Zeus' body and, along with the rest of his army, stormed Heaven. With frightening speed and accuracy, Mikaboshi ended the lives of the Skyfathers including his old arch-nemesis, the Kami's leader and sun goddess, Amatsu-Amaterasu and began destroying the Egyptian, Mayan, Celtic and Shinto pantheons with little effort.

    Why so stupid, Athena?
    Why so stupid, Athena?

    With the death of each pantheon and the destruction of the realms they inhabited such as Celtic Otherworld/Avalon, Mikaboshi's powers grew astronomically, as did his size until finally he had become so massive that Hercules and his God Squad ended up lost in Mikaboshi's very being and were incapable of being sensed. Athena, his most intelligent and faithful servant as she called herself, then told Mikaboshi to focus only on destroying Hercules and Amadeus Cho, as they were the only two beings left capable of ruining his plans and undoing everything he achieved...with Athena's guidance and wisdom, of course. This was not to be the case however. In truth, Athena had actually been banking on the notion that the Universe would restart once Mikaboshi had destroyed it and that this time around the Universe would finally "get things right."

    Mikaboshi told her that there would be no tomorrows, that he was going to bring a definitive end to all things, Athena countered by telling him that he did not have the wisdom to do this seeing as he couldn't even track The God Squad within his own vastness and would require her help if he wished to go any further. In response, Mikaboshi told Athena that she was right and then proceeded to consume her very being, adding her limitless wisdom to his already vast repertoire of powers gained from the destruction of entire realities and the deaths of those who lived there. Knowing exactly what he needed to do, Mikaboshi continued onward with his quest and consumed almost 99% of the Multiverse and then turned his attention on Earth-616.

    As the planet died, Mikaboshi savored the death of Gaea, the first being to have sprung from his chaos, before destroying everything and absorbing it into his being. Save for a powered up Hercules, that is, whom Mikaboshi knew he would soon have face if he wished to return Creation to a place of dark, quiet order. Hercules grew to Mikaboshi's size and literally decided to punch the Chaos King, hoping his misguided plan from earlier would work. In response, Mikaboshi began eviscerating Hercules with his tendrils, turning the tables back in his favor. But when victory seemed to be within his grasp, Amadeus Cho and Galactus opened a portal to the reality Hera had built as a trap for her stepson. With the aid of Hercules and the rest of The God Squad, they managed to force Mikaboshi through the Continuum and seal him within the prison universe forever without him even realizing it. In the end, Mikaboshi had gotten what he always wanted, to return the Universe to a place of dark, quiet order. A place where the only thing that existed was him.

    Chaos War Tie-Ins

    It was revealed that prior to his conquest of Heaven, Mikaboshi managed to devour Lucifer, The Impossible Man and The Gods of Zenn-La and added their power to his, which had clearly given him more than enough power to destroy Heaven, along with Earth's combined pantheons, without exhausting his own resources as seen during his invasion. Mikaboshi was also later seen back on Earth slaying Nelvanna and the rest of The Inuit Pantheon, save for Snowbird, and then when The Great Beasts were trying to exploit the chaos he had left in his wake so that they might finally conquer Earth during which time he enslaved the minds of The Great Beasts and added them to the ranks of his armies.

    Then, during Doctor Strange's confrontation with the newly risen Abomination, Mikaboshi struck Strange from behind and freed Zom from within Strange's body and coerced him into aiding him in his quest to destroy all of existence.

    Powers and Abilities

    Chaos War #5
    Chaos War #5

    Mikaboshi possessed the conventional abilities of one of the Kami, the order of Japanese deities, such as superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance and recuperative abilities, as well as high ability to wield some form of potent Japanese dark magic, a brand of sorcery that seems especially effective against the Olympian deities. His physical strength, at least in his main incarnation, is considerably lesser to that of Zeus or Izanagi, and is roughly equal to that of the average Kami, but Mikaboshi can project energy on a scale at least rivaling that of Zeus and Izanagi. Like the Asgardians, the Japanese gods are extremely long-lived but not truly immortal like the Olympians; they tend to age at an extremely slow rate upon reaching adulthood and are three times denser than normal human beings.

    Mikaboshi possesses vast supernatural power, which is apparently inherent within him. He can use this mystical energy for a variety of effects, among which are his ability to alter his form and shape; he also often taken on a female form to appear harmless. He is otherwise almost always represented as a being of black, shadowy energy with a mask for a face. He can reshape his limbs into razor-sharp blades, and assume the form of a fire-breathing serpent, which Apollo's fire was unable to affect and which was able to retaliate with a blast of fire powerful enough to harm and strike down even the Olympian sun deity. He has employed powers of flight, teleportation, the projection of mystical energy as force blasts, invisibility, matter manipulation, image projection and the creation of inter-dimensional nexus points among other feats, such as creating "shadow copies" capable of avoiding detection by high-level dark magical entities such as Nightmare in the latter's own realm. His power is of such extent that he can control numerous minor demons, as well as animating and manipulating corpses en masse at will; moreover, even the Kami themselves appear wary and fearful of Mikaboshi whom they consider their primal foe, especially as he himself has slaughtered much of their pantheon. Mikaboshi was able to slay even formidable alien deities having destroyed the Demogorge (an entity who devoured the Elder Gods themselves) with relatively little effort, as well as crippling and slaying Skyfathers such as Zeus by tearing out his heart in seconds.

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    More akin to a force of nature than a physical being, and having existed as a dark, primordial void that once dominated Earth (and before even that, the Marvel Universe, and before even this, the realities predating the Marvel Universe itself) in its earliest days, Mikaboshi's true form is elusive. He apparently exists as a single golden eye characterized by a slit-like iris. The eye is surrounded by an amorphous mass of dark energy, which Mikaboshi can form into tangible objects of virtually any form he can imagine, such as whip-like tentacles or a humanoid body. He can also assume a comet-like appearance (with his eye serving as the comet's nucleus) and propel himself at incredible speeds. He is immune to most diseases and possesses extremely quick reflexes. Mikaboshi possesses an extremely high intellect rivaling that of genius-level, and is an accomplished strategist, though his preferred tactic is simply overwhelming opponents with the sheer number of his demonic foot-soldiers. His army contains many netherworld denizens, mostly shinma and oni.

    As a demonic entity, and the conqueror of Yomi, Japanese underworld of the Kami, Mikaboshi also has several powers enabling him to capture and detain the astral bodies (sheaths of the soul) of recently deceased human beings; on at least one instance, Mikaboshi has been shown capable of releasing a deceased mortal soul back into the realm of the living. Mikaboshi does not have jurisdiction over all of humanity's deceased. It is not yet known what the prerequisite conditions are for him to manipulate a human soul, nor are the precise means by which he accomplishes the feat known. Apparently these conditions require that the human being in question willingly submit to Mikaboshi's will. It is not yet known how a human being may free himself from bondage to Mikaboshi. Nor is it revealed whether or not Mikaboshi "feeds" on the psychic energies as other demons do.

    After seizing control over thousands of alien deities of the Skrulls, and using them to tear through worlds and realities to eliminate the gods of countless other extraterrestrial civilizations, such as the gods of the Shi'ar and the gods of Zenn-La, Mikaboshi was able to gather enough power to shed his "Terran form" and emerge as the Chaos King, the primal embodiment of nothingness and primordial chaos that served as a natural opposing power to both Eternity and Death, and a threat to the entire Marvel Multiverse, and all its powered mortals, living or dead, abstract conceptual beings, cosmic entities and lesser divinites. His true form is that of a thin, naked, bald-headed demonic-like entity with tendrils coming out of his head like strands of hair and sticking out the sides of his body like spikes.

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    Mikaboshi's most frightening power, however, is his ability to absorb any and all forms of matter into his being by merely touching said matter. There is no limit to how much matter he can absorb and has therefore been able to consume entire realities whole without consequence. But as he consumes more and more matter, his body naturally increases in size until finally even beings like Galactus become specks of dust.

    Matter is not the only thing he is limited to absorbing, however, Mikaboshi can take the souls and powers of any being he destroys and add them to his person, allowing him to not only use the fallen as slaves but also command their power. One such power Mikaboshi gained through this method were the powers of the demon Nightmare, which he used to drive all who slept insane by forcing them to see nothing but the everlasting void upon reaching REM sleep.


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