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    Character » Mikaal Tomas appears in 150 issues.

    The last of his alien warrior race and the third super-hero to use the name Starman.

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    Mikaal Tomas comes from a race of warriors who want nothing more than to conquer other planets. His lover, Lyysa, was killed when she showed sympathy and tried to warn the next planet set for conquest, Earth. Mikaal was soon sent to Earth to set in motion the plans for its capture.

    Disillusioned by Lyysa’s death, Mikaal quickly abandoned his race’s plans and briefly acted as a superhero under the name Starman. After that he fell into a life of drugs and sex, which helped replace the rush he received from battle, until he was visited by a member of his race named Komak. Komak informed him that their planet was destroyed, making them the last two living members of their race. Komak then says that he was sent to Earth years ago, but fell into a similar lifestyle that Mikaal had adopted. Now dying, Komak has decided to kill Mikaal and fulfill his mission. A fierce battle ensues, which forces Mikaal to kill Komak.

    Immediately after the battle, Mikaal was captured by an unknown group. For the next twelve years of his life he was traded amongst different people, sometimes for novelty and display, sometimes sexual pleasures. Eventually he ended up in a circus freakshow run by and incubus who especially enjoyed feeding off Mikaal’s emotions, due to his alien origins.

    Eventually, Jack Knight, (the seventh Starman) rescued Mikaal and took him to live with his father. Mikaal suffered from amnesia and would not talk in anything but his native tongue for quite a while. After being captured and nearly killed by the second Mist (Nash). Mikaal began talking in English and became very friendly.

    When Jack went off into space to find the fifth Starman, Will Payton, Mikaal accompanied him. While in space, Mikaal came across another member of his race, Turran Kha, Lyysa’s killer who Mikaal had thought to be dead. Eventually Mikaal killed Turran Kha and returned home with Jack.

    His warrior spirit rekindled, Mikaal helped Jack when the city was captured by the Culp. Mikaal apparently decided to stay in Opal after Jack left as a part of the Opal City team of licensed superheroes, together with Black Condor and Bobo Bennetti.

    Justice League

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    Later, however, Tony, his lover, was killed in a New York supervillain attack, leading him to seek Justice as a part of Hal Jordan's new Justice League. He meets the hero known as Congorilla in an private airport and strike a comraderie with him. Mikaal and Bill eventually catch up to their loved one's respective killers Arak and Penny Dreadful, when Bill threatens to kill them Mik stops him by stating that vengeance isn't justice. This makes Bill come to his senses and they begin to question their captives about why they did it after Arak spills everything he knows Penny Dreadful lashes out and kills him and then turns to attack Bill, but Mikaal blasts her to death. This act causes him to say that he feels he is losing his way in the world.

    After the destruction of Star City at the end of Cry For Justice Mikaal and Congo Bill returned to Blackhawk Island (where they had first met). Through a strange coincidence the island was attacked by Dr Impossible's compatriots where Mik and Bill tried to fend off the powerful adversaries. The newly formed Justice League of America tracked the attackers and arrived in time to assist Mikaal and Congo Bill in defending their home although the villains escaped with a mysterious artifact hidden on the island. Donna Troy invited Mik and Bill to return to the Justice League satellite where, after a number of the members of the newly formed team left, they became part of the new core team of the Justice League along with Donna Troy and Batman (Dick Grayson). Mikaal decided that if he is to join the Justice League of America he is going to do it as a Super Hero and has once again taken the name Starman.


    Mikaal was given a Sonic Crystal when he was sent to invade Earth. After his battle with Komak, the crystal merged into his chest and stayed there, the crystal grants him the power of flight and the ability to fire bolts of energy. It emits stellar energy, as seen when he uses it to charge Jack’s staff.

    Mikaal’s alien physiology is different from that of humans, as a result, he can survive without air for a longer period of time.

    Sexuality and Relationships

    During his time on his home planet and when he served as Starman in the seventies, Mikaal had many relationships with several different women. However, after being rescued from the circus, he started a relationship with an African American man named Tony. After returning from his adventure in space, Mikaal was colder and as a result, he doubted that he would remain with Tony. Tony was later murdered by supervillians whilst visiting his parents, prompting Mikaal to seek revenge.

    After attempting to fill the void left by Tony with one-night stands, Congorilla confronted and urged Mikaal to move on. To this end he urged Mikaal to consider dating Tasmanian Devil, recently resurrected after his death at the hands of Prometheus. The two hit it off, and are currently dating.

    Although Mikaal has dated women in the past, in Starman/Congorilla #1 writer James Robinson clarified Mikaal identifies himself as gay - this suggests that Mikaal's race may have a fluid sexuality.


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