Mighty the Armadillo

    Character » Mighty the Armadillo appears in 151 issues.

    Mighty is a red Armadillo who appears in the Sonic comics, as well as a playable character in the Sega game Knuckles' Chaotix.

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    Mighty the Armadillo was born into a family of thieves. While he was still too young to realize his parent's actions, they were imprisoned by the law. Seeking a method to free them, Mighty was confronted by Mammoth Mogul. Mogul used his powers to grant Mighty his incredible super strength. However, even with his new power, Mighty was unable to free his parents. With failure heavy in his heart, he forced a guilty exile on himself. Later Sonic the Hedgehog would bring him out of this self-imposed exile.


    He a member of the Chaotix and is looking for his long-lost sister that was separated from him during the war.


    Mighty is 16 years old in the newest Sonic games.

    Powers & Abilities

    Mighty can move quickly, but not at the speed of Sonic, Knuckles or Tails. Mighty can run about 200 mph and has good endurance. Being an armadillo, Mighty can roll into a ball which is very durable. Even bullets cannot make it through his shell.

    Mighty, as is his name, is super-humanly strong. Powerhouses such as Knuckles, E-123 Omega, and Big the Cat are no match for the strength of Mighty. Mighty can easily lift an object like a car and throw it 100 yards. This is because of the power given to him by a Mammoth Mogul.


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