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Each issue from #7 - 20 contains Tom Morrow back-up story. 
In the future, New York City was destroyed after a nuclear war vs. aliens. Centuries after that, it's a jungle-choked ruin. People live like cave men, in constant danger from mutated monsters. One day a carnivorous plant grabs a mother and child. But the child tears the vines easily. "My baby has the strength of a Samson!" The child is also a mutant, with super-strength. As a teen, Samson protects the tribe, punching out buffalo-rhino hybrids and "spanking" raiders with broken lamp posts. Yet Samson's mother was struck down. Her dying words are to "use your strength... to help those in peril... and to fight evil." Weeks later, foraging for food, Samson is attacked by a lio-bear. In a ruined gym, he swings on rings and kills it, but is grievously wounded and clawed. Samson is rescued by Sharmaine, a mysterious girl with "ancient medicines". As he heals, she slices up the lio-bear skin for Samson to wear as a symbol he is "the mightiest of men!" Sharmaine leads Samson to a bank vault and her father Mindor, a home-grown scientist trying to fathom ancient secrets. He uses a "can-finder" to search for food. Samson tears off doors and opens cans with his thumb. They're attacked by scouts of Kull the Killer. Yet Samson is also inhumanly fast, and catches their spears. He stands like a rock as they hit him with a battering ram. The bad guys run. The three form a team. "Who knows? Perhaps we can even start humanity back on the road to civilization!" 

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