Mighty Samson

    Character » Mighty Samson appears in 57 issues.

    Samson is a Gold Key character.

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    In the aftermath of a nuclear war, the world is populated by small tribes of humans as well as mutated plants and animals.  Born to the peaceful N'Yark tribe in what was once New York City, young Samson possesses the strength and agility of 10 men.  It is no problem for him to lift a car or catch a spear in flight.  When his mother is killed by warlike invaders, Samson vows to use his powers to "protect the weak from the powerful, the good from the evil."  Immediately thereafter he fights the most fearsome monster of the future world, the towering liobear.  Though he defeats the upright beast, it mauls him, costing him an eye. 
    Found and nursed back to health by a young woman named Sharmaine, Samson takes up with her and her father Mindor, a scientist who re-learns 25th century technology in the laboratory he has set up in an old bank vault.


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