Mighty Mystics

    Team » Mighty Mystics appears in 4 issues.

    Jack Kirby-esque band of DC/Vertigo Heroes from an alternate Earth.

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    In Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol #53 features an alternate world of silver age style heroes made up of DC/Vertigo's mystical characters, originally from a dream had by Danny the Street.

    The team Includes:

    The Mighty Mystics operate from their satellite HQ called "The Hand of Warning", as well as their HQ on Man-Hatten Island. They team up with "The Legion of Strange" (The Doom Patrol) and fight the Galactus-esque villain Celestius. The Hell Blazer made another appearance in The Books of Magic Annual #3 in a story by Mark Millar, which also has Tim Hunter join an alternate version of the Teen Titans of this universe called the New Mystic Youth.

    Several of the characters of the Mighty Mystic reappeared as inhabitants of earth 13, where the main defenders is the team called League of Shadows. If the Mighty Mystics existed previously in this reality, is unclear.


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