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    Experience the morphinominal, remastered collection of the original Power Rangers comics from Marvel, Image, Papercutz, and Hamilton Comics - all collected in one volume for the first time ever! Based on the TV series that started a revolution and written by Fabian Nicieza ( Deadpool) and Scott Lobdell ( Uncanny X-Men ), you can now experience all the Ranger action and adventure of the 1990s. This volume chronicles Mighty Morphin Power Rangers , the Alien Rangers saga, and Power Rangers: Zeo.


    Hamilton Comics

    • The Menace of Dracula
    • Switcheroo
    • It's Not the End of the World
    • Swamp Man
    • Grounded
    • Stranger in a Strange Town
    • Attack of the Gargantutron
    • Shop Till You Drop... Dead
    • While the Cat's Away...
    • Unstoppable Force
    • The Yesterday Bomb
    • Bad Attitudes
    • Gray Skies
    • The Lost Ranger
    • Footloose
    • The Saga of the Power Rangers Part One
    • The Saga of the Power Rangers Part Two
    • The Saga of the Power Rangers Part Three

    Marvel Comics

    • Reach Out and Crash Someone
    • The Copy Catastrophe
    • Playing Dirty
    • A Simple Misunderstanding
    • I'd Like to be Under the Sea
    • Most Valuable Slayer
    • Glutton for Punishment
    • Revenge of the Nerd
    • Vortex
    • The Boy who Cried Wolf Rock
    • Elementary
    • Don't be Afraid of the Dark
    • Stone Canyon Shakedown
    • Major Munch
    • Cheaters Never Prosper
    • Let the Buyer Beward
    • Dark Thunder
    • Loyalty
    • Weather Witch

    Story Arcs

    none of this issue.

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