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    Once a normal human named Nina Dowd, she was transformed into the catgirl Mighty Endowed upon touching an artifact she found on an archeological dig.

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    Mayor Story Arcs

    On an archeological dig, Nina Dowd and her assistant came across a metallic object half-buried amongst the rocks of the dig site. On touching it, Doctor Dowd was bound up in a cocoon and her assistant called for help. One of those responding groups proved to be the newly-formed Young Justice, consisting of Superboy, Impulse, and Robin. Doctor Dowd was freed from her crystalline cocoon by Impulse, who vibrated it to pieces, releasing the newly transformed doctor. No longer a normal human, she had become a being that now called herself Mighty Endowed. Now a catgirl in appearance, she also had increased the size of her breasts. Her ego swelled with power, she considered all those she saw to be beneath and was not threatened by the presence of Young Justice. Unfortunately for the eager Superboy, Mighty Endowed defeated herself by the size of her assets; their weight made her fall over and unable to move.

    Following her "defeat" at the hands of Young Justice, Dr. Dowd was promptly turned over to the All-Purpose Enforcement Squad (A.P.E.S), who relocated her to their base within Mount Rushmore to be detained until she could be treated by the Department of Extra-normal Operations (D.E.O.) or S.T.A.R. Labs, who had more experience in treating metahumans and natives of both New Genesis and Apokalips due to their past history with Superman. However, during the course of her incarceration, she managed to use her hypnotic endowment to enthrall a duo of agents into aiding her in an escape attempt. Though she managed to stun multiple agents during the course of her attempted flight from the facility, Agents Donald Fite and Ishido Madd managed to rein her back in by knocking the agents she had been puppeting unconscious, rendering their effectiveness as counterweight/support for her sizable assets moot, and causing her to fall over just as before.

    She was promptly recaptured and outfitted with proper restraints to ensure the hypnotic effect caused by her breasts would be nullified, preventing any further escape attempts. While her ultimate fate is unknown, at the time, multiple research teams from multiple agencies had made their desire to study her and create a cure known to both the DEO and APES, hoping to undo the effects of the Super-Cycle's genetic tampering.

    Powers and Abilities

    Prior to her transformation, Nina Dowd possessed no superhuman abilities, and was for the most part an average human. She was, however, a highly competent archaeologist, and had an in-depth knowledge of ancient cultures and peoples. Physically, she possessed the same stamina, agility, reflexes, and strength of a normal human woman who engaged in regular vigorous exercise.

    Thanks to the genetic augmentation she was subject to through a defense mechanism built into the Super-Cycle via New God technologies, however, Nina promptly gained superhuman abilities on par with those natives of both New Genesis and Apokalips, making her the first human to be fully transformed into a New God. She possesses all of the standard abilities of the New Gods, such as superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, stamina, and durability. Her already enhanced senses are magnified by the cat-like characteristics of her new form, and she seems to possess an significant healing factor that not only heals wounds and shortens recuperation, but retards the aging process.

    As the Mighty Endowed, Nina possesses a unique superhuman ability tied to her namesake. Thanks to the Super-Cycle's genetic tampering, her bust size was increased to ridiculous proportions, and made the source of her secondary abilities. She seems to be able to emit a hypnotic light from her breasts, enchanting anyone who stares at them for too long and making them into her willing puppets. The hypnotic effect appears to be absolute, and only wears off once her new minions are far enough away from the light, or rendered unconscious. The light can also be projected as a blinding strobe to disorient her opponents.


    While her "incredible headlights" are her best weapon, they are in fact a double-edged sword. As the Mighty Endowed, the weight from Nina's enhanced bust is far too great for her to stand on her own or move of her own accord for extended periods of time without their weight causing her to topple over, leaving her in a vulnerable position where she is unable to move, almost like a tortoise on it's back. This is possibly why she possesses her hypnotic abilities, which she first used to enthrall a pair of APES agents into acting as supports for her to steady herself against. However, once they were knocked out, Mighty Endowed toppled to the floor once more, unable to stand with the weight of her bosom drawing her down. Even when she was being escorted by to her holding cell, she had to lean on the accompanying agent to keep from falling over.

    Likewise, her hypnotic abilities are not entirely absolute, as mentioned above. Whenever someone is a certain distance away from her, they can resist the Mighty Endowed's mind-control to a certain degree. Also, so long as they do not look directly at her while she is using her abilities, they can effectively defeat her without fear of becoming one of her puppets. This was how Agent's Fite and Madd were able to bring her into custody after her attempted escape from APES, ricocheting their plasma-rifles' blasts off of the walls of the facility to knock out her puppets.

    It can be also be assumed that, due to her transformation at the genetic and sub-atomic levels by the Super-Cycle, that the Mighty Endowed also carries the same weaknesses inherent to the New Gods, such as a vulnerability to Radion.


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