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    Nick Fury is back! As the war with the Skrulls reaches a fever pitch in SECRET INVASION, MIGHTY AVENGERS answers many of the event's most compelling questions: Where is Nick Fury, and what has he been up to? Who are the mysterious 'Caterpillars'? What's keeping the Sentry from taking out the shape-changing aliens single-handedly? And Hank Pym's a Skrull? How the heck did that happen?! Featuring Fury, Sentry, Pym, Spider-Woman, the Wasp and the Avengers, these four stories excite and unnerve at the same time! Collects Mighty Avengers #12-15


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    Spoilers:   Nick Fury sends the Avengers on a covert op to Latveria to look into low-rent technology based super-criminal activites there. After he erased their mind's on the event, a counter attack from Latveria springs, and after learning of Fury's betrayal Wolverine kills him, which was a LMD. Fury, along with Valentina Allegra Defontine, went into hiding for some time, however, Fury kills Valentra after learning she was a Skrull. 2 weeks later in S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Fury visit's Maria ...

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