Was Warren Ellis a fan of Power Instinct?

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Power Instinct was a series of fighting video games produced during the 90s. The third entry in the series, Groove On Fight, was analogous to Street Fighter III and Garou: Mark of Wolves for the Street Fighter and Fatal Fury series', as it starred an almost entirely new cast. One of the new cast members was Rudolph, a gay man who wore a black leather mask. His lover was a younger pretty boy who had long white hair........Ok, was Ellis playing this game when he created Stormwatch? The mask on Rudolph looks EXACTLY like Midnighter's pre-Flashpoint mask, and him being gay and "conquering" a long white haired pretty boy is almost too close for comfort. And just like how Midnighter is only really tender with Apollo, Rudolph was always ruthless except with his lover Damian. How has no one else noticed this? Is the game just that obscure?

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The pretty boy

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No...Warren Ellis isn't a fan of Power Instinct.

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@jointron33: Let him play the game, maybe MN gets new moves

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I don't know if Warren Ellis inspired in this game, but you forget that the one who designed the two characters was Bryan Hitch, so maybe he was the one who took the idea.

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Midnighter "conquering" Apollo? That's not what their relationship is like. And the idea that Midnighter is ruthless with anyone other than Apollo is inaccurate. Midnighter is plenty tender with his daughter and even early on in the Authority he was already bonding with Jack Hawksmoor. I don't know anything about any connection between the characters, but stereotypes and patterns aren't all that uncommon. Interesting find though.

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Agree with Buckshot about the 'conquering' thing. they were equals, with a couple exceptions (Garth Ennis' stuff, mostly.) and Midnighter was not brutal with everyone, he did have a code of sorts, and there were definitely lines he would not cross as far as hurting some people. Though it did kinda vary depending on the writer.

But yeah, weird find O.o I have never played that game, haven't even heard of it, though not really into fighting games but there is a resemblance there. When 'in the 90's' was this, though? cus you realize that Apollo and Midnighter predate the Authority by a couple years, right? could it be the other way around?

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