Midnighter vs Rose Tattoo

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I think I'm gonna die. Every now and then (read: every day) I stop by The Bleed to see what's new and what's good. And every now and then (I wish it were every day) I see something that knocks me back and makes me say "whoa". Today was one of those days. Check this out. Not only is Badeaux's art slit- your- wrists beautiful, but what he's drawing is just amazing. I didn't know what was going on right away, but it appears to be Midnighter fighting Rose Tattoo. Probably the two most dangerous - that special "most dangerous" that ignores people who could crush planets in favor of lower level, but far more likely to murder bus-loads of innocents as well as other trained killers and people far out of their league, sort of characters - SPBs in the WSU are going at it. That promises to be fun. Since these two don't seem to be their current selves (costumes and whatnot) I'm guessing alternate versions, so this is probably coming up in The Authority: The Lost Year at some point. I'm excited. Clearly.

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@Buckshot: My vote is on Midnighter because even if rose can kill anything she is still vulnerable as well. Jack Hawksmoor killed her via neck snapping back then and Bendis killed her by a superpowered meltdown, the only problem is her "SOK" effect which allows her to kill people by touch or with her weapons. In Authority Prime she can aim well enough to jam Fuji's armor by shooting along the seams which can be countered by MN's handy computer when he fought that chick with marksman augmentations.
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He looks like Deathstroke.

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That is hard, the embodiment of killing vs the ultimate killing machine.  
But... I also have to go with Midnighter simply because of the fact that Rose Tattoo knows every method to kill him, but midnighter can and will calculate how to keep her from hitting him long enough for him to and  a fatal blow. Rose Tattoo will be focused on the end result and Midnighter will be focused on that, as well as everything in between. 

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