Create a character that can beat Midnighter(give name &abilities)

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Remember no cosmic or magic stuff

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Taskmaster, "Photogenic Reflexes".  Why create what already exists?
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photogenic reflexes can beat a computer brain that knows all outcomes of a battle before it begins? try again

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The Midnighter is should be banned from battle forums.....

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I'm not too up to date of Midnighters speed...but I believe Vitality could rip his head off if he got a hold of him. 
However, would that actually kill midnighter? 
Also, Vitality wouldn't kill unless there was great reason. 
(See mini bio for info)
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I will just take the easy route.  (I have to many characters that could defeat him.)    
Manchine has a had all his nerves replaced with a
alien metal.  His outer skin can be armored.  The
metal gives him his powers.  The longer Manchine is
in the armor the more his body is able to use his

Superhuman Strength: He is capable of lifting up to
over 10 tons when wearing his armor.   This can be
increased to several hundred tons if he decreases
the targets gravity.

Superhuman Speed: The armor allows Manchine to
move and react at light speeds.

Flight: The armor can allows Manchine to reach near
light speeds.

Energy Conversion: The armor is also able to convert
any nonkinetic/nonmagic energy into a power source
Manchine can use.  

Self-Contained Life-Support System & Environmental
Protection: The armor allows manchine to operate in
vacuum or underwater, providing its own life support,
and is shielded against radiation.  Manchine has no
need to eat.

Artificial Intelligence: An internal artificial intelligence
which Manchine calls computer that provides
strategies, background information on opponents,
prevents a lock on from targeting systems and
monitors sensor readings.

Sensor Systems: Manchine sensors allow him to scan
for everything (except magic although he can read
the energy they produce).  All info shows up on
Manchines visor.

Invisibility: Manchine can absorb light making him
appear invisible.  

Holographic Imaging: Manchine can alter his looks by
absorbing specific light frequencies making him look
like a normal person.

Enhanced Durability: His armor is indestructible.  The
armor cannot be cut.  Kinetic energy can still be
transferred to Manchine.

Force Field: Energy shielding that can protect the
user from harm. At the begining of Manchines carreer
he was only able to extend it 25 feet outward.

Energy Beams: Manchine can release energy beams
from any where on his body.  Manchine normally
releases kinetic beams as they do the least amount
of permant harm.

Energy Field: Manchine can extend a field that allows
him to absorb or increase any energy around him.

Focased Eye Beam: Manchine can focus most of his
energy through his eye piece and produce a beam
that is capable of destorying a moon in one hit.

Energy Sword: If need be Manchine can produce a
energy sword from his knee.

Hyperspace Transport: He also has the ability to
open gateways to Hyperspace.  He is one of the few
beings that can travel through Hyperspace
unharmed.  If he pushed himself to his limit he is able
to open a gateway large enough for a city to pass
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@Grand Marvelous: LOL! coz he's proving to be a threat to all the badass characters u know?
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@Cezar_TheScribe said:

Either one of these guys 
The midnighter seems like Batman in the sense that he can find a way to beat anyone.
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#10 Posted by Cezar_TheScribe (2774 posts) - - Show Bio
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yeah Maj and supes can do it but not batman. Batman would die quickly against midnighter and who is this other dude alongside majestros?

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Batman know every martial art on earth ... and his figting style is a mix of them, so predict the outcome of the fight, and especially his reactions could be at least very hard (nearly impossible). 
 And since Midnighter's   senses allow him to detect any modifications or powers in anyone he looks at,, I guess he would underestimate Batman. 
 So Batman wouldn't die quickly... It would be a hell of a fight ! 

Batman always take down people who are stronger and faster than he is... but since it is the Midnighter we are talking about, I dont think  Batman would beat him easily either... maybe with a flash bang, using Midnighter's enhanced vision and hearing against him; then using weakness of the human body (pressure point... and joint manipulation...) to take him down 
I think Deathstroke could take Midnighter down...

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The Goddamn Batman

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A person with super strength comparable to Jackpot, with the speed of Barry Allen, and the TK abilities of Jean Grey(not using her Phoenix abilities) all rolled into one individual; could beat Midnighter. I don't think he would be able to handle Barry's speed or TK on Jeans level, besides how do you compensate for TK anyway besides hitting the person before they attack you.    

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Be a combat master of sorts and somehow get him to make the first move. According to human on the inside, that's his one flaw. You only get one shot though...

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You don't need to go to the extreme of using invulnerable characters to take down Midnighter. Reason is that is over kill sure this guy can see things coming before they happen and has some limited super speed and strength. I'd say a good fight would Be Spider-man and Midnighter reason is Spiderman has a similar ablity though he can't see the out come but he can predict the moves Midnighter does thanks to his Spider sense and in fact I'd say Midnighter would find it hard to get a lock on him due to the Spider sense.

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@Omega-Man : Stroking chin in agreence. Dude is pretty hardcore and his adaptability is amazing, but just a plain ol duke em out without anything to improvise on around him against a super powered over kill person would be like a "serious wtf" really moment. Pshaw, that's what Apollo is for.

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Name: Nooner  
Gender: All of them. 
Age: 15 minutes.
Height: 3'4" 
Weight: 50 lbs 
Powers: Ambiguous Gender Confusion, Unpredictable Predictability, and the Ability to Sing and Think all Christina Aguilera songs at the same time.  
Abilities: Can't be beat ever. Knows Spanish and Vale Tudo and can lick own elbow. Can beat everyone ever. 

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Name: George

Powers: Can beat Midnighter

that wasn't so hard

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Batman overloads the computer, because the fight could go too many different ways. Once it's just a sparkling junkheap Bruce whoops him.

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Name: Better Buttered Midnighter

Powers: Same as Midnighter, but better, and he's buttered with yummy corn on the cob flavored butter for quality assurance. This also makes him oily and hard to hold onto and trap with any kind of bondage.

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Batman possesses the single best superpower to use against Midnighter.  Batman's superpower is that he isn't a lame copy of Batman, and by default can beat any lame copy of Batman.

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COMMANDO (computer operated mercenary man attack and defense organization)

was randomly picked by the government to be part of an experiment to make ultimate weapon.

computer in his brain, heightened reflexes so he can dodge machine gun fire., and sniper fire as well.

knowledge of every fighting style known to man

knowledge of every weapon known to man, also how to create weapons with everyday objects

knowledge of every language known to man.

eyes contain high res lenses that can zoom up to 300% can also target enemies,

eyes also have night, thermal, infra-red and x-ray vision.

master of stealth,

can jump up to 40 feet in the air.

run to 45 mph

bench press 800 lbs.

(later in career, receives a filter in his throat so he can breathe in gaseous spaces)

learns how to control cells with his brain, thus healing minor cuts and stabs in seconds, [gunshot wounds as long as he gets the bullet off first. (bullet has to hit him first :D)]

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