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By day Dave Clark was a "spot" announcer reading the news on radio station UXAM in the 1940s metropolis known as "Big City." But at night Clark became the masked crimefighter known as Midnight. Originally, Midnight wore a blue hat, black mask and black suit, but eventually he wore a blue mask and blue suit instead.

Midnight battled a wide variety of foes, ranging from ordinary criminals to those possessing super-scientific weaponry. He was aided in his feats by his friend, eccentric scientist Doc Wackey and Wackey's pet monkey, Gabby, who had developed human intelligence and the ability to talk. Midnight also frequently ran into the comical detective Sniffer Snoop and his dog Hotfoot.

At the outset of World War Two, Midnight was part of the All Star Squadron, although he rarely worked with the group, preferring solo activity. However, for a short time at the urging of Uncle Sam, midnight participated with a splinter group of heroes known as the Freedom Fighters. Once again, though, Midnight left the group to fight crime in America.

Once the war was over, Midnight began to curtail his activities and he eventually disappeared from the crime fighting scene.

MIdnight would make a few appearances during the mid 80's and early 90's. His most recent appearance was in JLA: Destiny where many of the Quality characters were heroes or villains. JLA: Destiny was an Elseworlds story where many of the Quality characters were founding members of The Justice League and funded by Thomas Wayne.

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