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    Formerly Moon Knight's self-appointed sidekick, he became a short-lived nemesis of his after being turned into a cyborg.

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    Jeff Wilde was the son of Anton Mogart, the Midnight Man. Jeff lived with his mother, but was sent money from his father, and collected newspaper clippings of his exploits (much to his mother's disapproval). When he was sixteen, Jeff tracked his father down, only to find him dying of cancer. In his last days, Mogart recounted his stories and techniques to Jeff, though begged him not to use these secrets on the wrong side of the law. Honouring his father's dying wish, he took the mantle of Midnight and joined Moon Knight to atone for his father's wrongdoings.

    Brief History

    Midnight appointed himself as Moon Knight's sidekick, despite his reluctance to take him. This mentorship only lasted a brief time as Jeff was captured by the Secret Empire and presumed dead. However, he is not dead, but is turned into a powerful cyborg to be used as a weapon by the Empire.

    The Secret Empire send Jeff out, facing Spider-Man, Moon Knight, and a handful of other heroes. In the battle, he and his fellow cyborg, Lynn Church, are buried in the rubble of a collapsed building.

    Midnight later returns, with Lynn, to find Moon Knight, brutally killing several people to gain his attention. When they find him, things turned ugly.


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