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    After being separated by Khonshu because the god betrayed the Avengers, Moon Knight started a new congregation in Manhattan, focusing on helping those who travel at night.

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    The House of Shadows
    The House of Shadows

    After Khonshu tried to take possession of Earth's oldest mantles and defeat the Avengers before Mephisto had a chance to, Moon Knight turned his back on the god and decided to start his own congregation. He chose a neighborhood of Manhattan and opened up a store front where his neighbors could come ask for his help. He eventually recruited allies including the House of Shadows, which replaced his office, Reese, a vampiric secretary, and Tigra, his former West Coast Avengers teammate who was sent to keep an eye on him by Black Panther.


    Moon Knight debuted his Midnight Mission in Moon Knight (2021) #1 by Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio

    Major Story Arcs

    Harvest the Light

    Marvel Team-Up
    Marvel Team-Up

    Kamala Khan walks into the Midnight Mission to ask Moon Knight for help. She was tracking multiple attacks from robot swarms. In Moon Knight's neighborhood, it was a swarm of robot rats which Moon Knight had already had run ins with. Moon Knight agreed to go on patrol with Kamala where they quickly realize that the rats were specifically drawing Moon Knight out.

    This would follow a trend with Kamala's other team ups with Wolverine and Venom. The robot swarms appeared to be baiting heroes to take DNA samples, god-touched DNA specifically from Moon Knight. With Kamala as back-up, Moon Knight is able to keep his DNA out of their hands, however, Moon Knight is no longer the only Fist of Khonshu. After turning his back on Khonshu, the god chose a new priest in Hunter's Moon. The duo race across town to protect him, but they are too late. Enough of his DNA was collected to be usable.

    Moon Knight parts ways with Kamala but tells her if she finds the mastermind behind it, he'd be ready to help her. Once she and Venom track the activity to XENO and the Man with the Peacock Tattoo, Moon Knight and Wolverine rejoin the team-up and shut down the bio-hacking lab.

    The Zodiac Tests

    Soldier dresses as Mr. Knight to confront Zodiac
    Soldier dresses as Mr. Knight to confront Zodiac

    After the Midnight Mission accomplished a number of good deeds in the neighborhood, the criminal known as Zodiac was determined to prove Moon Knight as a fraud. He attempted a number of complicated and elaborate schemes to defeat Moon Knight

    For instance, he hired Rampage to blackmail Moon Knight into attacking Jigsaw. This caused Jigsaw to kidnap Moon Knight's therapist, Andrea Sterman, and replace her with the shapeshifter, Waxman. Rutherford Winner blamed Moon Knight for her disappearance, but the two eventually teamed up against Jigsaw and Waxman to save Dr. Sterman together.

    He also blew up Moon Knight's headquarters, which Moon Knight then replaced with the sentient interdimensional being, The House of Shadows. Zodiac would later return to attack it again after tricking Moon Knight, Tigra, and Winner into going to New Jersey. Reese and newest recruit, Soldier, were forced outside to confront Zodiac and his new gang despite being outnumbered.

    With Khonshu's help, Moon Knight was able to travel through the spirit realm to return to the mission faster than he otherwise could to defeat Zodiac. Unfortunately, Zodiac had already killed Soldier, by shooting through Reese, when Moon Knight bested him.

    Blood of the Fist

    Longtime rival, Jack Russell, knew of a prophecy within the pages of the Darkhold that referred to a weapon that could be used to kill Khonshu, who he considered his oppressor and oppressor to all werewolves. "The Blood of the Fist, anointed by the Blood of the Fist" referring to the child of a Fist of Khonshu that could be "forged by the King of All Wolves." The child would be Diatrice, the daughter of Marc Spector, but in order to turn her, he needed to become The King of All Wolves. He challenged the leadership of every werewolf tribe in North America and won. He then defeated Wendigos in Canada to prove himself, but when he kidnapped Diatrice, Marlene went to the Midnight Mission to send Moon Knight after Jack.

    With Hunter's Moon's help, the two of them tracked Jack and his followers, however, Diatrice's innocent naivety disarmed Jack. He still intended to go through with it, but the window of planetary alignment required for it was closing. Once Moon Knight was able to interfere, he was capable of distracting Jack long enough for him to miss his opportunity. With no reason to continue, Jack relented and left with a dire warning from Marc to stay away from his family.

    The Structure

    Holy water shower
    Holy water shower

    When Zodiac shot through Reese and killed Soldier, enough DNA survived on the bullet to infect Soldier with Reese's vampiric curse. This got the attention of Tutor, the vampire who had sired Reese and was running the New York vampire cult, The Structure. He believed that Soldier was the first of many, so he treated the Midnight Mission as a rival organization. After Moon Knight had a run-in with two assassins (Nemean and Grand Mal) hired by The Structure to take him out, Moon Knight started looking into vampire activity in the city.

    With the help from a rival vampire leader, Lady Yulan, Moon Knight got the location of a vampire conference being held by Tutor, bringing in vampires from all over the globe. Unfortunately, Hunter's Moon was attacked by the assassins, forcing Marc to take care of them first. He had the two enforcers pulled into the House of Shadows to be tortured. He would then drop them through the skylight of the conference meeting place, while he and Tigra make a fancy entrance.

    Soldier put his Hydra terrorist training to good use by rigging the fire suppression system to go off. Marc than proved himself to be a true priest of Khonshu by consecrating the water, transforming it into holy water and taking out nearly all of Tutor's followers. They left one witness, a human familiar, to send a warning back to Dracula of what happens when vampires mess with New York.

    The Ghost in the Telephone

    8-Ball rescues Moon Knight
    8-Ball rescues Moon Knight

    The Midnight Mission was targeted by Sidney Sarnak, employed by a mysterious new player. Whoever they were, they were using Sarnak's ability of brainwashing people with sound. First, they manipulated The Harlequin Hitman couple to go after Moon Knight's old Shadow Cabinet, to throw Moon Knight off his game. They also tested riot-inducing music at a club with that Reese and Soldier just happened to be attending. Spector finally got a lead when Dylan Brock needed his protection and mentioned the Venom symbiote had been off due to the sound manipulation around town. Using the symbiote to track Sarnak, Sarnak turned himself into the police rather than be interrogated by the Moon Knight.

    Sick of playing games with Moon Knight, this new player revealed themself as a new Black Spectre. Using 8-Ball to lure Moon Knight to Hart Island, Spectre revealed is use of Cobra Project mind control, which Marc had dealing with during his mercenary days. He also employed every thug and superhuman The Midnight Mission has defeated as a gauntlet for him to run, hoping to end Moon Knight once and for all. Unfortunately, a guilt 8-Ball decided to betray this Black Spectre and save Moon Knight.

    Back at the mission, Hunter's Moon had caught another of Black Spectre's employees, Vibro. Marc was forced to interrogate him psychically because Badr had beat him into a coma. Inside his mind, the two Fists of Khonshu learned that Vibro had been drilling around Manhattan turning it into a giant tuning fork to use Sarnak's sound hypnosis on. Black Spectre's plan was to force Manhattan to tear itself apart.

    The Last Days of Moon Knight

    The New Mission
    The New Mission

    With the knowledge from Vibro's mind, Moon Knight hatches a plan to take out the new Black Spectre once and for all. He tracks the Black Spectre to The Mount, a skyscraper in New York. 8-Ball, now Moon Knight's resident pilot, would fly Marc, Badr, and Tigra to The Mount in his Hover-Rack. Soldier would already be on site doing recon, while Reese watches over the Mission. Unfortunately, Black Spectre was ready for them. The Hover-Rack would be shot out of the sky and crash into the building, and the heroes would be quickly separated by Black Spectre's goons.

    8-Ball would be injured and stay with his airship. Tigra would be stuck when she steps on a land mine but be saved by Soldier, who had training in ordinance disarming. Badr would track down Sarnak and try to intimidate him into turning off the sound device, and Marc would take on Black Spectre, who eventually revealed himself to be Sigmund, a member of the Shadow Cabinet Marc thought had been killed.

    Marc was shot many times and close to death, left to watch Sigmund's work. He was visited by Khonshu, who said he didn't have enough power while imprisoned to bring him back from the dead. Knowing this is the end (and with approval of his identities, Jake and Steve), Moon Knight rigged Sigmund's weapon to explode before it could have any effect on Manhattan, killing him in the process.

    In his absence, his friends carry on the good work of the Midnight Mission.

    Vengeance of Moon Knight

    Caught by The Shroud
    Caught by The Shroud

    While trying to protect their part of New York, the Midnight Mission is attacked by a masked mystery man claiming to be the new Moon Knight. He had already attacked 8-Ball and was looking to target the rest for being too ineffectual or monstrous to carry on the legacy. He easily fought off the whole team, however, when he entered the Mission, the sentient building rejected him completely. This forced the new Moon Knight to give up on taking back the storefront but warned them to stay out of his way.

    Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of the problem. This new Moon Knight went after masked criminals so aggressively, that those masked criminals started targeting the Midnight Mission, putting the community they protect in danger. They were forced to approach Lady Yulan and call in the favor they earned taking out The Structure. She led them to his daylight hiding spot where it was revealed he was The Shroud.

    Shroud was deadset on being the new Moon Knight and thought he was honoring Marc's legacy. He believed he had ruined The Shroud identity and needed to rebrand himself, but Tigra managed to convince him that he needed work on himself instead, just as Marc did. Unfortunately, just as he was coming around to accepting the Mission's help, he was transformed into a portal for darkforce (as did all the darkforce users on Earth) blocking out the sun.

    Blood Hunt

    The Structure had used Atlantean magic to block out the sun with darkforce energy. This was their first step to world domination. The second was wave after wave of global uprisings, including New York. With Hunter's Moon and Tigra on the other side of town, Soldier, Reese, and 8-Ball step up to protect the mission and their neighbors.


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