Character » Midas appears in 7 issues.

    A walking toxic waste dump, this powerhouse is allied with Blood Rose and is the enemy of Green Arrow.

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    Midas was a scientist working on revolutionizing the treatment of toxic waste. The mutated bacterial strain would literally devour the waste. This creation would bring his company massive terrorists. However, eco terrorists had other plans for this project. Upon entering the lab, they prematurely detonated a bomb. Midas is seen running away, completely engulfed in flames and diving into the waste.

    The Story So Far

    Midas is allied with Blood Rose in her quest to kill Oliver Queen and eliminate Green Arrow since he protects the entire location. The duo, calling one another "my beloved" and "my caring" work in a secret base at a cargo bay at the waterfront. First, Midas used skin grafting circuitry on local forces. When Green Arrow harmed Blood Rose, Midas was filled was rage (calling the act 'unthinkable') and sought out to destroy the archer.

    Midas breaks into Q-Core, encountering both Oliver Queen and Adrien Rivers. Midas forced Adrien to stay in an attempt to lure Green Arrow and told Oliver to run, saying he'll get him later. Oliver returns as Green Arrow and the two begin to battle. The hero fires two arrows into Midas's wrist, but his body melts and destroys the arrows. Midas then knocks Arrow out of the building and continues to soak more Arrows and smack Arrow yet again. Midas proves immune to more arrows as he throws a car at the marksman and then melts the base of a tree and swings with it. As a last resort, Ollie fires a low-grade nerve toxin arrow, but Midas jokes that if anything, the weapon would only strengthen him. Midas pins Ollie to the ground and says he'll make it a quick death for the green hero. Swiftly, Ollie grabs an arrow by his head and jams it into the villain's jaw. It turns out to be a banshee arrow and the sonic attack in his head drops the lumbering threat.

    Later, he and Green Arrow battle again. This time, Green Arrow uses a special arrow made with chemicals to clean up toxic spills against Midas. The weapon manages to harm the monstrosity. Before Green Arrow can capture him, however, Blood Rose detonates their base, leaving Queen to assume that Midas perished in the blast. It is revealed, however, that Midas survived and he is seen repairing Blood Rose, informing her that they will next move to Metropolis.

    Powers & Abilities

    Body structure: Bio-scan readouts from Naomi said his body consisted of every toxic compound she's ever heard of and even a few she haven't. His touch proved capable of slowly melting away at structures and dissolving projectiles (such as arrows).

    Strength: His strength level is unclear, however, Midas was able to seemingly effortlessly lift a car over his head and throw it, as well as swing the base of a tree as a weapon. Naomi claimed Midas was "way" out of Green Arrow's league and could "give Superman a run for his money."

    Intellect: Midas appears to have a genius level intellect, previously working on a new way to treat toxic waste that would generate massive profits, as well as creating skin grafting circuitry.

    Stutter: Midas suffers from a stutter. This is likely due to his mutation.


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