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    Created by Prince Wayfinder to escape the demonic beings called The Whirldemons, The Microverse served as a paradise for Wayfinder's people and their descendants.

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    The Microverse, or Sub-Atomica, is a universe not unlike our own just on a much smaller scale. Located within our own universe, a trip to the Microverse requires shrinking down to a minuscule size.

    The Microverse is sustained by the Enigma Force, a living essence that is actually the Microverse itself.


    The Microverse is home to some of the most unique characters in The Marvel Universe. Characters who are loved and cherished by fans all across the world. The Microverse has also been visited by many of Marvel's heavy hitters and has been the setting for many great storylines. Below is a list of inhabitants who have been key players in many different stories:

    Some of the planets of the Microverse.


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