Micronauts #15

    Micronauts » Micronauts #15 - The Inside Job! released by Marvel on March 1980.

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    At the Baxter Building, the Shield agent sent by Nick Fury discovers the Fantastic Four tidying up their laboratory. Reed Richards explains that the one who had destroyed the lab focused their attention on his Submolecular Studies Lab which houses the Reducta-Craft, a vehicle able to enter to the sub-atomic universe. The agent was sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to show some micro sized corpses and vehicles remaining from the battle at Philip Prometheus' lab because the secret agency fears that the Microverse is a threat for Earth.

    Reed Richards decides to use his shrinking craft to explore the Microverse and eventually find his lab attacker. However, He sends the Human torch to Cape Canaveral to investigate the Prometheus Pitt, the other means to enter the Microverse. So, in the same time the other members of the FF travel to the sub atomic universe, the Human torch encounters the Prometheus lab guards who deny him entrance and begin shooting, but the Torch calms them down when he says he has S.H.I.E.L.D. authorization and they explain the incident at the Prometheus Pit. Johnny Storm decides to pass through the Pitt.

    In the Microverse, the Micronauts travel aboard their space craft, the Endeavor. In their desire to discover the secret of their universe, they have found a planet-size metallic construction. The Endeavor sensors fail to detect something about the strange place and the spacecraft is caught in a tractor beam and swallowed by the gigantic sphere. Immediately, a swarm of creatures known as Antrons, with hooks for hands tear up the Endeavor. In the battle, Microtron is ripped apart and seemingly destroyed.

    But the heroes don't have the time to cry for their fallen ally as the true owner of the strange space they now occupy is revealed to be Psycho-Man!


    • This series won the Eagle Award in 1979 for "Favorite New Comics Title".
    • Mary Jo Duffy's Assistant Editor credit taken from letters page header.
    • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, Iron Man In The Hungry Battleaxe!


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