Micronauts #13

    Micronauts » Micronauts #13 - Be It Ever So Deadly! released by Marvel on January 1980.

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    Bug fights against Karza's soldiers for the liberation of his home planet, Kaliklak.

    Be It Ever So Deadly!

    Bug, the insectoid Micronaut, is lying in a forest. During the battle of Spartak, fighting Baron Karza's Fleet, the green warrior was supposed to be dead when the giant humanoid robot (a Phobos) he was fighting exploded. In fact, perhaps with the help of the Enigma Force, the explosion had throw him into the hyper-space and soon after, he had crashed on a green planet.

    He starts to explore the land, contacts with his antennae a insect and quickly discovers than the fate has bring him back in his homeworld, Kaliklak. But his joy is short. Bug remembers that the Karza's Dog soldiers control the planet and that he was hand over to the Kaliklak governor before being transported to the Homeworld Great Arena.

    Luckily, the first person he meets is his former thief master. This one explains to him that the former group of thieves bug used to lead is now under the control of his father, Warstaff. A few time after, Bug enters the thief den. He engage the fight against the thieves faithful to Warstaff with the help of Jasmine, his former lover who was forced to join Warstaff's group. Succeeding to defeat his father and his fellowships, Bug takes back the control of his band and, like the Micronaut he is, decides to regain the control of Kaliklak.

    On Homeworld, after his victorious battle against Baron Karza, Commander Rann is tired to rest and to be almost considered like a god. He decides to join his spacecraft, the Endeavor, and to continue to travel through the Microverse. Despite his royal rank, his lover, Princess Mari ( Marionette) doesn't want to leave him and decides to accompany him like theirs robots, Biotron and Microtron. Prince Argon, Mari's brother, understands their decision, with the support of the wife he is going to marry, Slug, the former underground leader. So, they wish them good luck like the entire population of Homeworld.

    On Earth, Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. have send a agent to the Baxter building. After the battle in Cape Canaveral, he hopes to obtain the help of the Fantastic four against what he thinks as a threat, the Microverse's inhabitants.


    • Mary Jo Duffy's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header.
    • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, The Human Torch In The Icemaster Cometh. This particular Hostess ad is of note due to the the villain, The Icemaster actually crossing over to the canon Marvel Earth-616 universe in Thunderbolts and the artist on the ad was the legendary Frank Miller.



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