Micronauts #12

    Micronauts » Micronauts #12 - To The Victors Belongs A World! released by Marvel on December 1979.

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    To The Victors Belongs A World!

    After the death of Karza, all the actors of the defeat of the tyrant could take a breath.

    On homeworld, the Micronauts are celebrating by the rebels and the entire population. Arcturus Rann, embarrassed by his new popularity, thinks about his role into this and about his future. As to him, Prince Argon already think to re-build Homeworld like the heavenly world it was.

    On Earth, Steve Coffin and his father Ray have some good moment together. But, the rests of the coming of the Micronauts interest the government (A panel shows Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan talking to a agent about that).

    With his place as King of Spartak back to him, Acroyear decides to quit his friends in order to lead his people for rebuilding Spartak, slaying by Karza's fleet. He also have to decide about Shaitan fate. In front of the warrior tribunal, (including Cilicia and Acroyear), the betrayer of the Acroyears doesn't show any regrets about his actions for Karza. He believes his albino's skin, as the acroyear have black skin, makes him disgusted and hated by his compatriots. As a defense, even before the judgment is decided, he appeals one law of Spartak: the verdict by Blood-feud.

    One day after, the brothers are setting down on uninhabitable shattered plains for their confrontation. Acroyear thinks about his doubts about the warlike style of life of his people and his wish to more listen about his emotions. But Shaitan surprises him with his first strike. Armed with a force hammer ans an energy blade, the symbolic weapon of their race, the two brothers fight with harshness. Acroyear try to make Shaitan understanding that banishment is better than death but this one has only one goal in mind: killing his hated brother. Hearing the reluctance of his brother about killing him and his discovery of friendship and love, the albinos warrior tells him he became soft during his absence and that he is no longer a acroyear warrior.

    But the king of Spartak is always a great fighter even with his new-found emotions. When Shaitan thinks the fight is over and try to finish off his brother, the energy blade of Acroyear hurts him in the chest. In a last words, the albinos tells one more time all the hate he brings to his brother before he dies. The harsh justice of Spartak is delivered with all the regrets and the doubts of his king, Acroyear.


    • Features the Hostess Twinkies Cakes ad, Spider-Man Meets June Jitsui!
    • This is Michael Golden's last issue as regular penciler on this title, however, he would continue to do the covers until #24 and return for the covers for #38 and #39.


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