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Micromax is a British mutant whom was recruited by the British intelligence agency MI6. After his formal training to become a secret service agent, he worked on a number of missions. He first encountered the British mutant team known as Excalibur while on a mission for the secret service.


Micromax was created by writer/artist Alan Davis and first appeared in Excalibur issue 44 (1991). According to Alan Davis, Micromax was slated to become the newest member of the Excalibur team, but plans never materialized since Alan Davis left the book before he could bring him into the team.

Major Story Arcs



He is one of the mutants who retained his powers after M-Day.

Civil War

He was chosen to be part of Bishop's Pro-Registration mutant team during Civil War. He along side Sabra fought the X-Men to get the 198. Shatterstar stabbed him. This is when we see Sabra showing a great deal of care for him. He is healed by Angel.


Micromax can increase or decrease his size and mass at will. Apparently he can also re-arrange it a little, as he commonly enhances his appearance and physique; when unconscious, he reverts to a plain, slightly flabby, middle-aged man with a receding hairline. If he shrinks too quickly it can cause him to faint.

Size Manipulation. Including Density manipulation.

Limited degree of shape shifting

Limited amount of increased strength


Known Relatives: Unrevealed

Citizenship: Citizen of the United Kingdom, with no criminal record.

Place of Birth: Southen-on-Sea, Essex, England

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: (Formerly: FI6 Agent, Radio 1 DJ & Security Chief, Security Guard)

Education: Unrevealed

Gender: Male

Height: Variable, usually 6'1"

Weight: Variable, usually 175 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown


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