Team » Micromasters appears in 43 issues.

    Small and fuel-efficient Transformers, the Micromasters comprise of several subgroups of Autobots and Decepticons.

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    The Micromasters are small and extremely fuel-efficient Transformers. In robot form they're roughly the size of a human which helps them intergate on Earth. They're very dismissive of their larger Transformers brethren, calling them guzzlers, for the amount of fuel they consume and have even ignored orders from their Autobot and Decepticon superiors to follow their own needs. Upon arriving on Earth, the Race Car Patrol and Off Road Patrol met with Optimus Prime stating that they played by their own rules.

    Micromaster Patrols


    Rescue Patrol ( Fixit, Stakeout, Seawatch and Red Hot)

    Off Road Patrol ( Mudslinger, Highjump, Tote and Powertrain)

    Race Car Patrol ( Swindler, Roadhandler, Tailspin and Free Wheeler)

    Battle Patrol ( Big Shot, Sidetrack, Flak and Sunrunner)

    Construction Patrol ( Takedown, Groundpounder, Neutro and Crumble)

    Air Patrol ( Sky High, Eagle Eye, Blaze Master and Tread Bolt)

    Monster Truck Patrol ( Slow Poke, Hydraulic, Big Hauler and Heavy Tread)

    Hot Rod Patrol ( Big Daddy, Greaser, Trip-up and Hubs)


    Air Strike Patrol ( Nightflight, Storm Cloud, Whisper and Tailwind)

    Sports Car Patrol ( Detour, Blackjack, Hyperdrive and Road Hugger)

    Race Track Patrol ( Barricade, Roller Force, Ground Hog and Motorhead)

    Military Patrol ( Bombshock, Growl, Tracer and Dropshot)

    Micromaster Combiner Squads


    Astro Squad (Barrage, Heave, Blast Master, Phaser, Moonrock, and Missile Master)

    Metro Squad (Power Run, Strikedown, Oiler, Slide, Roadburner, and Wheel Blaze)


    Battle Squad (Direct-Hit, Power Punch, Meltdown, Half-Track, Fireshot, and Vanquish)

    Constructor Squad (Stonecruncher, Excavator, Grit, Knockout, Sledge, and Hammer)


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