Microchip Junior

    Character » Microchip Junior appears in 12 issues.

    Appearing early on in Punisher, he is the lively son of Microchip. Many times acting before he thinks, this gets him killed even earlier than he appeared. His death will be one of many things that destroys the relationship between Frank and Micro, something that will be long lasting.

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    Appearing in a few panels during Franks infiltration of the Revs corperation, Junior as he is called almost entirely throughout his stint with Frank and his father is a flighty kid. Acting upon impulse he gets hurt more than he does any actual good. One of the few times he does something good was when jumping at a bodyguard of Mr Hansen he attempts to taze the mighty Sijo only to be swatted away like a fly as soon as he does it. Breaking his jaw and arm in the process he was bed ridden for an entire day before he returned to the game, with a reluctant Frank allowing him to do so after telling him to no avail to get more rest.

    Soon after healing he goes with Frank on a mission totting a heavy loaded auto-matic machine gun to the rendevous with Hansen. In the melee that follows a Ninja named Sijo kills Junior with a sword, something his kevlar vest wasnt able to protect him from. Upon completing the mission Frank returns Junior to his father Micro at the base, where Micro moarns his only son. The death of his son sparks the destruction of Micro an Franks relationship. Something that takes years before falling apart.


    Much like his father Junior is extremely intelligent, but besides his intelligence he has little to no other abilities.


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