New "Classic Style" Mickey Mouse cartoons now being aired!

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If you're like me, you love those old school Mickey Mouse cartoons. They were awesome and funny. Mickey lately hasn't been to great (with that crappy CGI show that comes on), but Disney is now releasing new Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts, that are drawn in the style of the good ol' days. Here's exactly what Mickey looks like:

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Nice, huh? Well a few episodes have already been released and they are great. It takes me waaaaay back....

Have a watch for yourself!

New Mickey Mouse Cartoons

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This is interesting. I was always more of a Looney Tunes guy, but I'll give these a watch!

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@biteme_fanboy: So I just watched the "No Service" episode....and it was pretty hilarious, reminds me of the old cartoons, bout time Mickey becomes funny again and shows other emotions besides "happy go lucky"

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