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    Mickey Mouse is arguably the most famous and well-known cartoon character ever. Though not as rambunctious and mischievous as he once was, this iconic character remains a symbol of goodwill, kindness, friendship, and imagination.

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    Mickey's Original Look
    Mickey's Original Look

    Mickey Mouse was created by Walter Elias Disney in 1928 as a replacement for his lost creation Oswald the Lucky Rabbit whom he had lost to Universal Studios earlier in the year. With help from cartoonist Ub Iwerks, Disney created a cartoon mouse inspired by a childhood pet of his named Mortimer. Walt's wife Lillian convinced him to change the name, and so "Mickey Mouse" was born. Sharing director duties with Ub as the main animator, Walt debuted Mickey in a short called Plane Crazy.

    The Legend Begins ... kinda

    Livin' La Vida Smoka
    Livin' La Vida Smoka

    When Mickey first appeared in the animated short "Plane Crazy", he was so incredibly different from the Mickey we know today.

    He was a rogue and a tool ,and slightly ratlike in appearance. In the short, Mickey is a novice aviator who asks an attractive female mouse named Minnie to accompany him on the maiden voyage. After failing to kiss her several times Mickey loses his temper and proceeds to scare Minnie several times with random shifts in speed. Eventually Mickey truly loses control of his plane and crash lands.

    No Need To Ask, He's a Smooth Operator
    No Need To Ask, He's a Smooth Operator

    Despite failing miserably at theaters, Walt and Ub went on to make another short called the Gallopin Gaucho which brought Mickey into conflict with Black Pete, a character from Disney's earlier days who would soon become Mickey's archenemy.

    Mickey was more heroic in this short but still a rogue, he and Pete would clash for the heart of Minnie, Mickey wins the battle and he and Minnie ride into the sunset... on an ostrich.

    Mickey Hits The Big Time.

    Mickey's first shorts were huge flops but Walt after a period of contemplation, Mickey appeared in his 3rd short, the legendary:

    Steamboat Willie

    The first Mickey Mouse short to find a decent distributor and the first Mickey cartoon with sound, this short made Mickey a star.

    Sporting a new design and a slightly less mischievous disposition, Mickey appeared in tons of cartoon shorts as well as comics. Mickey would soon surpass other popular cartoons such as Felix The Cat and Popeye. Mickey was the first fictional character to get his name on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Mickey also began to appear in comics and comic strips, which he does to this very day.

    eventually Mickey became much more passive and his popularity waned. His feisty mischievousness went to Donald Duck while his innocent naivety went to Goofy.

    Epic Mickey

    Disney has begun a campaign to return Mickey to his former glory as well as his mischievous and naive side. The first phase was the announcement of a video game called Epic Mickey. The game is set to be darker and deeper than most of his past and to reintroduce Walt's first creation Mickey's own older brother: Oswald The Lucky Rabbit.


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    Today, Mickey Mouse has many new comic series which spawn from the classic feel of a Mickey Story. In tail of 300 Mickey's this was Mickey Mouse's anniversary issue, which had ... well, 300 Mickey Mouse's! When Mickey had a problem with needing to be at two places at both times (at 8 o'clock Pm). He needed to accomplish going to a ballroom dance with his girl friend Minnie Mouse and hang out with his old pal Goofy at the arcade. When his pal Eega Beeva cloned his clock, Mickey thought he was going mad before he saw what Eega had. When Eega had to get his favorite food, he cloned himself and then left the ray with his pal Mickey. Mickey used the ray to clone another one of himself so that he can hang out with Minnie and let the clone go to the arcade with Goofy. As Mickey and Mickey left, Eega came back a little to late with more than 10 clones!

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    Eega had to return to the future (2447) and fix his ray. He erased his clones, and Mickey's started to replicate. While the original copy of Mickey was hanging out with Goofy, the clone Mickey at the dance told his fellow clones to find the original Mickey. As the clones continued to replicate, Mickey left Goofy to get back to the house to undo what he had done. However, to his surprise the ray was gone! Mickey told all of his clones to stay put, however they started to get a mind of their own and had their night on the town. While many of the Mickey's continued to replicate to become an army, The Mickey's decided if they want to stay in the real world they've got to clone the Earth and populate it with Mickey's! When a clone placed a "real Mickey sticker on his shirt" Eega came back and gave it to the fake Mickey. As the fake Mickey lied and said that he would undo everything, that Mickey (with his fellow clones) jumped out of the window. As the real Mickey returned Eega (at first) thought that the original was just another clone, however it was too late when they found out the Mickey's plan. The Mickey's stole a plane and tried to reach outer space, but to their surprise they continued to replicate and decided to clone a small island. All of the Mickey's swam to the island to live their in peace. In the end, Mickey and Eega decide not to use the clone ray at all, when they remove the Mickey's.

    Disney's Epic Mickey

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    Mickey Mouse wanders into Yen Sid’s Workshop through a mirror on his wall and discovers a Land which was created for forgotten characters and while messing with a magic brush ruins creates a creature called the Shadow Blot and when trying to destroy it ruins the land with the paint thinner.

    After many decades of fame, Mickey had forgotten about his mistake Until the Shadow Blot enters his house and abducts him bringing him to the forgotten world of Wasteland.

    The plan was simple take Mickey’s heart but this fails and Mickey escapes.

    Throughout his journey, Mickey is guided by Gremlin Gus and takes Yen Sid’s brush as a tool for his defense and to restore the land he had destroyed and win Oswald’s trust.

    After defeating a Blot(a dripping of the Shadow Blot), Mickey tells Oswald of his actions to which Oswald lose his temper.

    While moving around angrily, Oswald uncorks the true form of the Shadow Blot and he escapes into the world. Oswald then reveals to Mickey that his girlfriend Ortensia had tried to help him take down the blot but had gone into a catatonic state.

    The Blot soon captures Oswald and Gus and makes Mickey give up his hear in order to save them. Blot then wrecks Wasteland and goes to the Disney Universe to wreck there but Mickey, Oswald and Gus manage to Destroy him before hand. Mickey then reclaims his heart.

    Oswald reunites with Ortensia and befriends Mickey now having a bond like brothers should have.

    With Wasteland now slowly healing, Mickey escapes to Yen Sid’s workshop and goes back to his home and is locked from ever entering again.

    Mickey then at the end discovers he still has some power in him from the Paint Brush hinting that he will return to Wasteland.


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