Mickey Mouse: Timeless Tales #3

    Mickey Mouse: Timeless Tales » Mickey Mouse: Timeless Tales #3 - Volume 3 released by IDW Publishing on January 2018.

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    Collects an assortment of classic and modern Disney tales, many of them published for the first time in the U.S. by highly regarded creators from around the world. Modern Mouse master Andrea "Casty" Castellan takes center stage for this deluxe edition of IDW's Mickey Mouse #13–21! The Phantom Blot takes over a robot army in "Darkenblot," an awesome science fiction epic; then Eurasia Toft brings Mickey and Goofy one step closer to Atlantis in "Dark Mines of the Phantom Metal"! Danger lurks around every turn and special bonus features for longtime Mickey aficionados fill the back of the book!

    Story Titles

    • The Twelve Buttons of Napoleon (from Italian Topolino 1073, 1976)
    • Dogs of War (from Italian Topolino 2822, 2009)
    • The Same Old Story (from Mickey Mouse Sunday comic strip)
    • Dark Mines of the Phantom Metal (from Italian Topolino 2880, 2011)
    • Goofy Gift (from Australian Mickey Mouse 3, 1953)
    • The Weregoof's Curse (from Italian Topolino 1102, 1977)
    • Egg-Shell-Ent (from British Mickey Mouse Annual 1, 1930)
    • A Goofy Look at Fear (from Dutch Donald Duck 44/2004)
    • Darkenblot (from Italian Topolino 2940-2942, 2012)
    • Their Master's Voice (from Mickey Mouse Sunday comic strip, 1953)
    • To the Minute (from Polish Kaczor Donald 8/2012)
    • Double Chaser (from Mickey Mouse 33, 1953)
    • Rain, Rain, Go Astray (from Brazilian Ze Carioca 1105, 1973
    • Mortgage Misery (from Norwegian Donald Duck & Co. 32/2015)
    • The Magnificent Doublejoke (from Italian Topolino 2535, 2004)
    • Stormy Weather (from Mickey Mouse Sunday comic strip, 1951)
    • Early to Bid (from Swedish Kalle Anka & C:0 37/1997)
    • A Goofy Look at Cooking (from Dutch Donald Duck 10/2003)
    • The Mouse Collector (from French Le Journal de Mickey 2998, 2009)
    • Mynah Mistake (from Mickey Mouse Sunday comic strip, 1952)
    • The Clone Channel (from Italian Topolino 3000, 2013)
    • Fancy! (from British Mickey Mouse Annual 12, 1941)
    • Adieu (from British Mickey Mouse Annual 10, 1939)


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    Story Arcs

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