Michelle Torres

    Character » Michelle Torres appears in 15 issues.

    Occasional girlfriend of Deadshot and mother of his daughter, Zoe.

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    Little is known about Michelle Torres' origin. As a young woman she became involved in the sex trade, working as a call girl. Also around this time she developed a drug addiction. Following a liaison with Floyd Lawton she fell pregnant. Upon discovering her pregnancy she gave up drugs and prostitution, moved to Star City, and got a job as a waitress.


    Michelle Torres was created by Christos N. Gage and Steven Cummings. She made her first appearance in Deadshot #1

    Major Story Arcs

    Urban Renewal

    Having raised her daughter on her own for four years, Michelle is approached by Deadshot, who has recently learned of his daughter's existence. Though she is initially wary of him and his plans to clean up the area she and Zoe live in, she eventually warms to him, and invites him into her home. The pair rekindle their relationship, which leads to Michelle and Zoe being targeted by the people Deadshot is pushing out of the area. He fakes his death and leaves the area to protect them, though he continues to care for them from a distance.

    Six Degrees of Devastation

    Deadshot begins to visit Michelle and Zoe again, now insisting on referring to her as "Susan" to protect them. During a family outing they are attacked by Lady Vic and Double Dare. When Deadshot is nearly beaten, Michelle shoots Lady Vic in the arm and tosses him a gun, allowing them to escape. Later, he officially severs his ties with her, for her protection, which she strongly objects to.

    Powers and Abilities

    Michelle is an ordinary human, and has no known superhuman powers or abilities.


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