Michel Vaillant » 70 issues

    Volume » Published by Graton Editeur. Started in 1992.

    Michel Vaillant, driver of his father's car team “la Vaillante”, takes up the challenge of facing the best drivers in the world.

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    This series was originally published by Le Lombard until 1976, then by Dargaud until 1979, by Fleurus in 1979-1980, by Novedi in 1981-1982 and finally by Graton Editeur (founded by Jean Graton), from 1983 on. The covers displayed here were all published by Graton Editeur: the first numbers are reprintings of the issues previously published by other publishers.

    Founded in 1957 by Jean Graton, Michel Vaillant embodies an ideal, that of the loyal, faithful and courageous motorsport champion. A member of the Vaillante team, founded by his parents, he is an exceptional driver who does not hesitate to put himself in danger to help others, denounce an injustice or unmask cheaters and bandits. Always on top of the latest technological innovations and familiar with the world of circuits and racing teams, Jean Graton has developed a popular series, which has been and continues to be a reference for generations of motor sports enthusiasts. A series that now has 70 albums and 60 years of success, which Philippe Graton, Jean's son, took over at the Graton studio. A new page in the Michel Vaillant adventure opens with Éditions Dupuis, and a new Michel Vaillant season in 2012.

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