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Michaela Ladak was a young popular girl whom eventually found out she was a mutant. However, her powers where not 'sexy' or 'usefull'; her saliva was so strong she could use it for a number of things, including styling her hair.


Michaela Ladak was created by Sina Grace and Alessandor Vitti and first appeared in Iceman Vol.3 issue 1 (2017).

Major Story Arcs

Meeting Iceman and joining the Xavier Institute

Michaela met Iceman while the two where in the hosptial, unrelated. A member of the mutant-hate organisation The Purifiors had located Michaela and sought to kill her. Luckily, Iceman intervened and saved Michaela, eventually bringing her to the Xavier institute to help her control her powers better. She kept close contact with Bobby Drake, during her time at the school and became friends with Idie Okonkwo (also known as Oya).

Leaving the Xavier Institue

Eventually, Michaela decided to leave the Xavier institute. She told Bobby about this on his birthday, while given him a birthday gift. She feld out of place at the school, feeling fellow-students never picking her on their team for training-sessions and calling her 'Spit Girl" because of her powers. Whether or not she actually will leave remains to be seen.


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