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Michael is an archangel of God recognized by all Abrahamic religions along with Gabriel. According to some Christian faiths their are more archangels.

The mightiest warrior of heaven and protector of Jerusalem, Michael the Archangel is one of God's greatest creations.Before the fall, Michael would worship God along with the two morning stars. But then Lucifer began to hate God and his son Jesus.

Before God created man, Lucifer tempted Michael to turn against God but Michael endured, even when a third of God's holy angels turned their backs to Him. Michael stood with God when Lucifer made war in heaven and strive to usurp God's throne. Eventually, Lucifer was cast out of heaven unto the earth, which is where he set up his kingdom and deceived Eve and Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

Michael stood against Lucifer strongly even fought him after the death of Moses. Although Michael stayed loyal to God, he never understood why Lucifer was allowed into heaven and why he was allowed to afflict pain on Job.

Michael and Gabriel never stopped protecting Israel.

After the resurrection of Christ and the rebirth of Jerusalem, Michael would protect the fig tree until the Last Day.

Michael also was called by the Holy Spirit on an important mission to defeat Overlord Balera who obsessed over Justin's soul.

Eventually Michael defeated Lord Balera and later returned with Christ and his armies to Jerusalem to rule the earth for a thousand years.


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