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Michael at one point became a member of (Or founded) the Paladin Corporation and soon became one of the highest-ranking members of the company. He would often hire assassins to kill business rivals before killing the assassins themselves after 4 jobs in order to "tie up loose ends".


Michael was created by writer Robert Rodi and artist Sean Chen for Elektra #28.

Major Story Arcs

Dead to Rights

Michael hires Elektra to kill two former employees who all posed threats to the success of the Paladin Corporation and Anton Prebble, a business rival. Michael then "lends her out" to Beben Omat who gets her to assassinate someone else.

Michael later meets with the two other high-ranking members of the Paladin Corporation whilst waiting for the third to join them at the restaurant. Michael then expresses that Elektra is their best assassin yet and to keep her alive only to learn that Ken (One of the high-ranking members of the company) has already set of the procedures to have her killed. Michael then realises why their fourth member is late and the restaurant staff have gone missing as Elektra enters and kills him.


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