Carpenter's verison vs Rob Zombie's

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Which do you prefer the most? I have to say all in all I prefer John Carpenter's verison. There was rare explanation (in the first movies I mean). No love, no feeling, no emotions. He was just pure evil and simple. I mean, I liked Rob Zombie's verison. But I'm not into the whole "make the monster look like an actual person" and I just kinda felt he wanted to have his wife in the movies to up her career:B. I don't like it when you try to make the monster sympathic. I like an evil monster for a horror movie. But thats my opinion. So who do you prefer? The classic verison of Myers or Rob Zombie's?

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John's :)

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Carpenters version, no contest.

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Sentimentalism Samosas

If you think about the character of Michael Myers, you find intriguing psychosis labyrinths which are really colored nicely by the work of John Carpenter.

Rob Zombie, on the other hand, opts to create a pedestrianism-anarchy portrait of Michael Myers, highlighting the visceral terror associated with anti-social behaviors on a ritualistically eccentric occasion --- Halloween Eve.

The storytelling involving the concept of a Halloween Eve predator invokes deep ideas in ways about humanity's perspective on the devastation of private experience, which is what "The Rape of Lucrece" (Shakespeare) is all about.

If you prefer an emphasis on the emotional quality of horror, then Carpenter is obviously superior, but if you enjoy the spiritual aspects of pure terror, then Rob Zombie's macabre rendition will stir your fancy about self-ruin theatrics.

Michael Myers is really the modernized Phantom of the Opera.

The Rape of Lucrece

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