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    Michael Dalton "Mike" Allred. Artist, writer, and creator of Madman. He has worked on many characters from Marvel and DC and has also created a bunch of his own.

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    Mike is married to Laura Allred, the colorist for his books. He's color blind, but does pencils and inkwashes. Laura then adds color.

    Mike Allred illustrated FF for Marvel. He is currently illustrating a new Silver Surfer series with Dan Slott as part of All-New Marvel NOW!. They once had their house broken into and their art supplies (and computers) stolen which caused Mike to miss a couple issues of FF.

    Mike is an Oregonian and enjoys karaoking with Matt Fraction. His kids are his real-life bandmates. He owns a capsule chair. You can see it in the trailer for his work on the Spirit of Bacardi graphic novel (written by Warren Ellis).

    He's published his creator-owned title (Madman) at Dark Horse and Image Comics. He's said the lead character of Madman Frank Einstein is written from the perspective of Mike.

    He's helped create numerous characters in Madman and also in iZombie and X-Statix (born from his run on Marvel's X-Force). The most renowned is likely Doop.


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