Michael Marchand

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    Michael Marchand is the biological brother of Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) and is the villain Aeturnum. He used to run Marchand Pharmaceuticals.

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    Creation and Character Development

    Michael Marchand was created by Karla Pacheco and Pere Pérez and debuted in Spider-Woman #1.

    Despite not debuting as a formal antagonist, Michael Marchand officially debuted as Aeturnum in Spider-Woman #14.


    Childhood and Early Adult Life

    While Spider-Woman was in a coma, Miriam Drew gave birth to Michael and had her raised by her cousin in the United States.

    When Michael became an adult, he inherited his mother's cousin's business, Marchand Pharmaceuticals.

    Marriage and Fatherhood

    Michael met his future wife, Alison Jones, in college and they quickly fell in love. Alison became pregnant with their daughter Rebecca Marchand before they graduated college. However, sometime during her pregnancy, Alison fell ill. When Miriam Drew returned (later revealed to be a clone of her), they concluded that it was Rebecca and the radiation from the Drew family (originating from how Spider-Woman got her powers) that was ailing her.

    She passed away during labor, leaving Michael as a single father.

    Finding a Cure

    Later on in life, with the radiation in her, Rebecca became unable to walk. At first, with the use of his father Jonathan Drew's science, he was able to cure Rebecca, but it was only temporary. Desperate to find a permanent cure, Michael theorized that his sister, Spider-Woman, could help. However, he wanted to avoid conflict. So, he contacted her, claiming that he wanted her as a bodyguard at Rebecca's birthday party, and then used Jonathan's science to remove her immunity to radiation, under the disguise as a flu shot. He also hired Ronnie to give her a new suit that monitored her vitals.

    When Jessica realized that she was exhibiting unusual behavior, she confronted Michael. He convinced her to help him find a permanent cure when he told her that this could harm her son, Gerry Drew. He also gave her a temporary cure, but that caused her to become reckless. Michael also told her about Latrodectus Aeternum spider which could help, but failed to warn her about Octavia Vermis.

    After they secured Rebecca's safety who had been kidnapped by Michael's doctor, the three of them travelled in a jet, where they crash-landed on Wundagore Mountain. They met up with clone Miriam Drew but were interrupted by Octavia and her forces. Clone Miriam sacrificed herself to allow her family to get away and Jessica and Michael went separate ways, with Jessica in search of a cure.

    When Jessica obtained a permanent cure from the High Evolutionary, she gave a copy of the cure's file to Michael for Rebecca.

    Becoming Aeturnum

    Michael used the cure's file to experiment on his secretary and secret lover, Rose Roche, which gave her pheromone superpowers, similar to Jessica's. However, the medical information was destroyed, so Rose convinced Michael to send some criminals after Jessica to get her cure. Jessica figured out what he was doing and confronted him but Michael had tested the cure on himself and it, combining it with a serum, gave him his own "Venom Blasts" and web powers. Michael attacked Jessica and called himself Aeternum.

    Later on, when Jessica and Rebecca came to his and Rose's apartment, the four started fighting. Michael mainly fought Jessica and the fight continued throughout the city until Jessica used her Venom Blasts on him, which defeated him. He and Rose were arrested.


    Michael is a scientist and is intellectual.

    After giving himself superpowers, he developed his sister's "Venom Blasts", which allowed him to discharge his own bio-electricity. He also had web shooters in his fingers.

    Personal Information


    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Blonde
    • Unusual Features: After his transformation into Aeturnum, Michael's eye color became green and he was bald instead of having hair. He also had web shooters in his fingers, had fangs and talons, and a spider-pattern on his chest.



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