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Born in Gary, Indiana Michael Jackson was the seventh child in the Jackson Family. He started performing at the age of 5. Along with his brothers they formed the Jackson 5.

The Jackson 5 toured and performed throughout Michael's childhood and had many hits, including "ABC" "I Want You Back" and "I'll Be There."


Off the Wall
Off the Wall

At the age of 20 Michael went solo and released Off the Wall. He then released Thriller, Which went on to become the greatest selling album of all time, selling in excess of 110 million albums.

Thriller was followed up by Bad, which had several hits on it including the Dirty Diana, and Smooth Criminal along with the title track of the Album.

Many consider these three albums as one of the greatest creative outputs by a musician, in terms of the influence it had on other musicians, society, and the music industry itself.

These three albums were followed up by Dangerous in 1991, which was also a success, it was the fastest selling album in US history, selling over 4 million albums in less then two months. It also had several hit songs, including Black and White.

He then released a double album in 1995, HIStory. a retrospective of his previous work along with another album of new material.

Thriller 25
Thriller 25

In 2001 Michael released Invincible, it had moderate success but did not relaunch his career to the heights he previously enjoyed.

In 2008 Micheal released a second chapter of Thriller, it had 2008 versions of 3 of his songs, and a song never released in Thriller. This album is called Thriller 25.


On June 25th 2009, during preparation for an upcoming world tour, Michael Jackson was rushed to hospital after suffering cardiac arrest, and was officially declared dead at the age of 50.


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