Michael Finnegan

    Character » Michael Finnegan appears in 37 issues.

    An Irishman working for Jackie Estacado. After a big showdown involving the Witchblade, Darkness and Angelus, Finn was left with two of the 13 Artifacts.

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    Michael Finnegan first makes his presence known when he leans on Gretchen Fullmer to make sure she doesn't print a story that dealing with Sara Pezzini and the weird supernatural events that surround her. He then proceeds to call his boss, Jackie Estacado. Jackie tasks him to watch over Sara and their baby.

    Finn fails to stay unnoticed and Sara and she warns him away. Then Curator approaches him and gives him the Glacier Stone saying that bigger things await him in his life. At home he transformed into an ice giant and was pissed at Curator for turning him into a monster. When he goes back to the Curators shop however, things turned worse. He met Jackie and Sara there, who are being attacked by the Angelus and on top of that, the wielder of Ember Stone fells his presence and appears on the battlefield.

    An enormous battle brakes out, where the Ember Stone wielder gets too cocky and threatened everyone there. The Angelus banishes her to upon being confronted by the upstart, but her victory is short lived as the Angelus host is killed immediately aftwards by Patrick Gleason. The Curator explains to Finn that he can learn to control the stone he has and he must find a way to stop Glorianna in gathering all the 13 Artifacts . The Curator then gives him the scroll of thirteen and The Blood Sword for protection and sends him on a journey to find balance between Ember and Glacier Stone. On his travels he started to learn how to fight with a Katana.

    After he had hears of Jackie's capture near Cairo, Finn wanted to use the chance to talk with him alone. He goes there and rescues Jackie from his captors. Wanting to know if Jackie knows more of the artifacts he needs to protect, but comes to find out Jackie knows even less than him. Finn makes sure the two are square and departs on his quest.

    Powers & Abilities

    Finn currently possesses one of the the 13 Artifacts.

    His primary artifact is the Glacier Stone. It transforms Michael into a monsterous humanoid made of ice. It also allows the user to manipulate temperatures and create ice structures and weapons. Upon practice the user can retract the ice form and return to his/her normal appearance. The Glacier stone is the polar opposite of the Stone of Ember, much as the Darkness and Angelus forces are.

    Michael did possess the Blood Sword. The Curator gave it to him for an unknown reason. The sword grants great power to the wielder but comes with a terrible hunger. A Japanese warrior once bound to the sword lived for over a thousand years, well after his physical body had turned to dust until the sword was removed from its grasp. During the early events of Artifacts, Michael was ambushed by Ian Nottingham and after a brief fight the blood sword was removed from Michael's possession.


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