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    Professional illustrator, character designer and concept artist. Worked for more than 8 years on premiere titles for major publishers (Dark Horse, Top Cow and MARVEL) and on the video game industry helping to develop AAA titles for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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    G-Man interviews Michael Broussard

    November 2007

    G-Man: Thank you for your time. Congrats on the upcoming Darkness series and signing an exclusive contract with Top Cow.

    Michael Broussard: Why thank you I'm glad to be at the Cow!

    G-Man: Can you tell me a little about the competition (Top Cow Talent Search 2006) and how you came to work at Top Cow?

    Michael: Believe it or not, I actually had no idea about the contest. I was just one of those guys blindly sending in a submission. I guess they were impressed enough to call me back.

    G-Man: I heard that X-Men was one of the first comics you read, what was it like working with Marc Silvestri on Civil War: The Initiative?

    Michael: Actually the X-Men were not the first comic I read, but it was the one that really sparked that fire inside me to draw. Working with Marc on Civil War: The Initiative seemed quite the daunting task at first. But about 6 or 7 pages in I was not as nervous any more. It was then when I started to get a better understanding of how it all worked, as well as what Marc wanted in his backgrounds.

    G-Man: Your first solo work was with Ron Marz on Unholy Union (amazing job), did you have any input on which Marvel characters were involved in the crossover? Was there any character that you wished could've been squeezed in? (I would've liked to see the story continue at least for another issue).

    Michael: Even before I received script or when I first heard of the idea, the Marvel characters had already been preselected by Ron. As for more characters - Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and "Hulk Smash!" was all the fun I needed. Yeah, it would have been cool to have another issue but we wanted to set up First Born.

    G-Man: You're exclusive with Top Cow but how long are you committed to the Darkness? (A certain number of issues, number of story arcs)?

    Michael: There is no set number of issues or arcs for me but let's say I'll be drawing until they ask me to pump my brakes.

    G-Man: Is it a struggle to make Jackie a "tortured soul"?

    Michael: At times it can be but I just have to keep facial expressions and panel composition in mind at all times.

    G-Man: I saw the "First Look" comic, the pages are amazing. What's your rate of drawing?

    Michael: I spend a lot of time in the layout stage of my page. That's where I plan all my line work and shadows, so I figure with deadlines in mind maybe a page every other day if I am on schedule. If I am behind I try to complete a page a day.

    G-Man: Matt Milla's colors looked great with your art. Is it hard turning in a page and letting go in the hopes that the inker and colorist won't make your pencils look different? Do you have any interactions with them? Give them any input?

    Michael: Every penciller has that fear when turning in pages because inkers and colorists are artists in their own right so all the styles may not always match. But when we were able to get Matt Milla and Winn the inker I had nothing to worry about. And when things get pretty busy communication is at a minimum.

    G-Man: Do you work page by page or complete an issue and go back to touch up any pages?

    Michael: I mostly try to keep things page by page unless there's a splash or double pager I'm tempted to work on.

    G-Man: Do you have a set work schedule? Specific time and/or place you work? Do you have any rituals to get you into drawing mode?

    Michael: No set schedules or rituals, but I like to warm up with sketching on scrap paper.

    G-Man: Some artist develop injuries from drawing, do you take any precautions? Any exercises or ways to build up your tolerance?

    Michael: I usually like to exercise and stretch.

    G-Man: You've said before that you'd love to draw Hunter-Killer, Cyber force, and Magdalena. Who's your favorite Cyberforce character?

    Michael: Ripclaw is in my opinion the coolest one.

    G-Man: Have you been keeping up with the Pilot Season comics? Is there a particular one you (as a fan) are rooting for?

    Michael: You know I've been working so much lately I haven't had the time to read any other books. I really need to catch up!

    G-Man: Who were your early influences? Do you remember the issue number of your first X-Men? Do you have a favorite character?

    Michael: Marc Silvestri and Jim Lee were my early influences. But I don't remember any particular issue numbers.

    G-Man: You've also said before that drawing women was one of your weaknesses (although the women in Unholy Union looked good to me). What kind of...research are you doing to take care of this?

    Michael: My research usually consists of books that pertain to human anatomy or female dynamic figure drawing.

    G-Man: Since you worked on the Civil War: Initiative issue, who do you feel was right, Iron Man or Captain America?

    Michael: Okay, you're talkin' politics now, huh? I would have to go with Cap on that one.

    G-Man: If the two of them fought without holding back, who do you think would win?

    Michael: I think Iron Man hands down.

    G-Man: Interesting. What's your favorite movie of all time? What about the last good movie you saw?

    Michael: My favorite movie (if I had to pick one) would have to be "Fight Club" starring Brad Pitt. Again with a full plate of work, I haven't seen anything good lately.

    G-Man: What's your favorite condiment? Favorite pizza topping?

    Michael: Condiment, sweet and sour sauce. And for pizza, pepperoni.

    G-Man: Have you attended many conventions? Any interesting or crazy stories? Are people recognizing you as the new superstar at Top Cow?

    Michael: I've been to quite a few conventions with no crazy stories yet. And yes, a few people do recognize me occasionally.

    G-Man: As a fan (and not exclusive Top Cow employee) who do you think would win, Ripclaw or Wolverine?

    Michael: That's a tough one. I'm not sure about that one although that would make a good cross over!

    G-Man: Who do you think will win the hi-def war, Blue-ray or HD-DVD?

    Michael: So far I think Blue-ray's kickin' butt!

    G-Man: You are clearly an intelligent man. Thanks again for your time!


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