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    Character » Micah Sanders appears in 4 issues.

    Micah is the son of D.L. and Niki Sanders. He can "talk" to computers and get them to do what he wants.

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    Micah was repairing his computer when his mother, Niki Sanders entered his room claimed that they are in danger so they abandoned their house and went to their family friend, to Tina. Niki asked Tina a favor, to take care of Micah while she is trying to get back the two million dollars she owes Linderman.

    They eventually returned home only to found out from the police that Micah's dad and Niki's ex-husband, D.L. Hawkins has escaped prison. D.L. ultimately arrived to the house secretly and confessed Nikki that someone set him up and stoled the money. Niki becomes suspicious of herself and for the first time saw her darker side, Jessica who in time in time tooks control over her body. Jessica confessed Nikki that she was the one who set D.L. up,killed his men and stole the money.D.L. founded this out and the two engaged into a fight. D.L. managed to take Jessica down and for his son's safety he took Micah with himself.

    D.L. and Micah now lived a nomad life until Jessica tracked them down and hurt D.L. badly. For a brief moment Niki gain control again and turned herself up to the police so she can't hurt anyone else.

    Not much after the events, Niki is set free thanks to Linderman after D.L. managed to pay their debts and Micah was introduced to Linderman who with the help of Candice managed to give Nathan Petrelli's a landslide victory. During the final confrontation at the Kirby Plaza between Sylar and Peter Petrelli, Nikki embraced the help of Jessica to take her son back and defead Candice, but D.L. was hurt badly after they have killed Linderman who shot Micah's dad in chest.


    Micah, Niki and D.L. now lived as a family when Nikki had another crysis and another persona took control over her, GIna. D.L. went to Los Angeles to stop her only to be killed by a thug who was flirting with Gina. Niki felt guilty for this and went to Primatech to Bob Bishop to ask for a cure for her 'disase'.

    Micah was left with his cousins.They didn't actually spoke too much but Micah saw a hero in Monica and helped her became the fameous St. Joan from the 9th Wonder Comics wich were painted by deceased painer Isaac Mendez. Monica was caught and Micah asked for her mother's help but Nikki told Micah that during the proceed she was infected with a virus called Shanti VIrus and lost all of her abilities.Not knowing what to do he eventually agreed to ask her mom only to drive, he will do the rest.

    Monica was saved the the warehouse burned down with Nikki in it.

    Micah was left orphan both of his parents died.


    In the third volume Micah appears briefly at her mother's funeral where he sees Niki's twin sister Tracy Strauss. Micah helps her found out who is she really.



    Nathan Petrelli bacame the President's right hand man and began hunting down peopel with abilities. Claire, Eric Doyle, Sylar and almost all began getting e-mails from a mysterious figure called 'Rebel'. It was eventually revealed that Micah himself is this person who tried to save Tracy Strauss from the governement by distractiing them and using other evolved humans as a decoy.

    Sylar than joined forces with Emil Danko and they had an agreement.If he kills Rebel than he will recieve a walk out of the jail freecard.

    Sylar shapeshifted to Micah and scened that he is killed,than he let Micah go but reminded him that if they ever again meet he will kill.

    Powers & Abilities

    Micah Sanders has the ability of 'talking' to computer, Techonpathy. During the first and the second season he could only control one electronic device per time but at 'Fugitives' his skills and ability evolved to a level where he could easly manage to comunicate with more things.


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