Micah Giiett

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    Micah Giiett was a Jedi Master in the Council who had a Padawan named Bultar Swan. At once an intelligent tactician and powerful warrior, Micah fought bravely on the front-line during the Yinchorri Uprising.

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    Master Giiett was a well-respected Jedi Master who by 44 BBY had ascended to a position on the Jedi Council. During this time he shared many assignments with his good friend Plo Koon and a contemporary of Mace Windu. He was known for the tricks he often used to teach Padawans about the force. He once remarked to Kai Hudorra that if skilled in the Force one could make a comfortable living as a gambler.

    In 33 BBY Giiett was one of the Jedi selected by the Council for the mission to quell the Yinchorri Uprising. He accompanied Koon, Lilit Ywoseas, and her Padawan K'Kruhk to investigate the planet Yibikkoror.

    Having been ambushed by the Yinchorri in space, the Jedi gave the impression they had evacuated their ship in escape pods, but instead crash-landed on a small platform in the planet's atmosphere. Giiett and Koon were able to distract the Yinchorri's attacks long enough to allow the group to be rescued by the Jedi originally sent to investigate Yitheeth.

    Continuing on to Yinchorr, Giiett met up with the Jedi led by Mace Wndu. During an attack by the Yinchorri, Giiett was shot in the back. While dying, he entrusted one of his lightsabers to Plo Koon and then with the other distracted the Yinchorri and sacrificed himself by blowing up a Yinchorri tank. The resulting explosion and distraction allowed the remaining Jedi to escape to their ship.

    At the time of his death Giiett was in the process of training Bultar Swan as his Padawan. Her training was eventually completed by Plo Koon. He was replaced on the Jedi Council by the orthodox Ki-Adi-Mundi.


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