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Born on Titan, the young Micah Aven was an extremely powerful telepath. So powerful, in fact, that the sheer volume of information that he constantly received, regardless of conscious direction, caused him to become extremely withdrawn, almost to the point of catatonia. It took him several years to master his abilities. When he had done so, he began working as a doctor.  


Micah Aven was created by Tom Peyer and Jeffrey Moy.  

Major Story Arcs

Saturn Girl

Some years after surmounting his own difficulties with excessive telepathic abilities, Aven takes the young Imra Ardeen under his wing. Feeling that nobody should be forced to endure the difficulties that he had in his youth, he imposes mental blocks on Ardeen's telepathic abilities, allowing her a chance for a normal life.

Powers and Abilities

Aven is a native of Titan, and so possesses all of the abilities inherent to his race. He has a significantly more powerful than average telepathic ability, and is able to read or alter minds, communicate telepathically, and project illusions into the minds of others. 

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