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    MI: 13 is a government agency in the UK that deals with weird happenings throughout the country.

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    MI: 13 is a British government agency that deals with superhuman and paranormal events within the UK. The Agency was created from the remnants of the Weird Happenings Organisation (W.H.O.), Resources Control Executive (R.C.X.), F.I.6 and Black Air, government organisations that deal with this type of event by Director Alistaire Stuart. The first appearance of the organisation was in X-Force when Alistaire Stuart and Pete Wisdom appeared as part of the organisation which at the time was un-named. The organisation next appeared when the New Excalibur team was formed and funded by the organisation, now officially named MI: 13. The organisation currently has its own superhuman team led by Pete Wisdom. Its original members included Captain Midlands, an aged English Super-soldier from WW2, Tink, a fairy from Otherworld, John the Skrull, a shape-shifting skrull, Maureen Raven, a clairsentient and Pete Wisdom, a former member of Black Air and mutant but has recently changed after the "Secret Invasion" event. During this incarnation of the team MI:13 fought and gained a treaty with Otherworld as well as thwarted an inter-dimensional alien invasion. It also captured the Welsh Red Dragon for war crimes and awoke a sleeping giant in the British countryside. (In the "Wisdom: The Rudiments of Wisdom" miniseries). After this Tink left the team due to relationship issues with Pete Wisdom.

    Major Story Arcs

    Secret Invasion

    At the beginning of the Skrull invasion of Earth all British super humans were made part of MI: 13 and answered directly to Pete Wisdom who is now its new Director. The team defeated the Skrull forces attacking Britain but lost John the Skrull. By the end of the invasion the official team included Captain Britain, the Black Knight, Spitfire and Faiza Hussain (Excalibur) as new members. The current core members of the team are Wisdom, Captain Britain, The Black Knight, Spitfire, Excalibur and Blade but the likes of Tink, Captain Midlands, Union Jack and other British heroes still work as part of the team when needed. This team has battled a number of Magical threats to Britain that were released during the battle with the skrull including the Duke of Hell Plokta who trapped the team. This particular event led to Captain Midlands leaving the team as he betrayed them and was subsiquently arrested.

    Vampire State

    The team most recently battled Dracula and his army of vampires when they attempted to take Britain as thier own. Wisdom and his team were able to trick Dracula and win a decisive victory over the army. During this battle Union Jack, Death's Head, Dark Angel, Tangerine and Digitek supported the SAS and joined the team as part of a the main strike force against Dracula's moon base.

    Heroic Age

    The Team in America
    The Team in America

    During the Heroic Age, Washington celebrates the visiting of the British heroes from MI13, with Steve Rogers presiding, who thanks the British foreign secretary. The United Kingdom was the first country to free itself from the Skrulls. The first to embrace a new deal between superheroes and the government. Today they celebrate that.

    Faiza Hussain aka Excalibur whispers to the Black Knight that she wants to call him “Cap.” What about “Captain? Maybe too formal.” He calls him Steve, the Black Knight gloats. And him she shall call plonker, Faiza shoots back. Steve shakes hands with Captain Britain, remarking they’ve both come a long way. About time he got a steady job, Brian laughs. Speaking of steady jobs, Steve retorts, they’ve told Dane he is welcome back and he is thinking it over. But how would Captain Britain like to become an Avenger?

    Both Brian and Pete Wisdom are shocked. Pete gets between the two Captains, pointing out that nobody mentioned that little diplomatic subject. He only just decided, Steve begins. Did he really? Pete asks. Captain Britain is the UK’s first defence against magic, supervillains, Latveria…. Did something on their own, for once, did they? No wonder the US want to nick it! Meggan chides Pete, reminding him who he is talking too, The new boss, Pete retorts, same as the old boss!Pete and Brian share a silent look, then Brian tells Steve he has to turn him down. He has responsibilities back in Britain.

    Steve Rogers offers Brian Avengers membership
    Steve Rogers offers Brian Avengers membership

    He is so good at manipulating her husband, Meggan snarls at Pete. She hopes he’s proud! Helplessly, he reminds her they were only just at war. They might be again. This “Age of Heroes” stuff… it’s just waiting for the next horror to… they have to be professional. He helplessly looks around. Faiza glares at him too. Oh sod it, he swears. Bloody superheroes! He says yes, he announces. Pete… Brian begins. Pete orders him to shut it. They can come to some sort of… time share agreement.

    Steve makes his announcement and Cap waves to the crowd. Every now and then… Meggan tells Pete. He’s nowhere cynical enough, he finishes her sentence. He hopes it doesn’t get them killed…


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