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In Star Comics #1-7, Galada Eutopas, warlord ruler of the planet Mexady, finds that his conquering of Mexady depleted the populace of women to reproduce. His chief scientist, Ursulis, informs Eutopas of Earth, surmising that the populace may have suitable females. Developing the technology to do so, Ursulis guides Mexady toward Earth at the will of Eutopas.

Dr. Carter eagerly awaits the arrival of the unexplored planet. When the army of Eutopas invades right after the arrival of Mexady, their purpose is clear. Dan Hastings must battle the despot with the aid of Bob Carter, the son of the doctor. Eutopas also sets his sights on Gloria Carter, Bob's sister, and Hastings' paramour. Lieutenant Dan Hastings fights for the Allied Commission alongside Captain Turke against Eutopas' Force battling for Mexadian supremacy every step. Eutopas personally dogfights Hastings. Eutopas and Ursulis send Hanz Raskow to kidnap Gloria and return with her to become Galada's wife.

Amazing Mystery Funnies #9 - Vol.2 #5 has Dan Hastings and Captain Turke captured by the Mexidians and placed with the Mexadian army's prisoners of war. Raskow travels to the isolated Carter family cabin in Canada. Dr. Carter is suspicious, yet Raskow says his mission is peaceful. Still wary, Dr. Carter and Bob bind Raskow and his companion. Bob stands guard over the men, but is overcome. Raskow kills the doctor and Bob, returning with Gloria whom he turns over to Eutopas. Lieutenant Dan Hastings leads an escape of the prisoners, the last panel showing Dan discovering Gloria, who is bound by metal rings holding her against a wall.

Blue Ribbon Comics #1 tells a story of Bob and Gloria going to Mexady to discover why radium shipments are disappearing. The pair are captured and brought before Eutopas, who admits he was defeated in his bid to conquer Earth. Ursulis has created a Space-Warp machine that will cause the Moon and the Earth to collide, destroying both. Dr. Carter and Lieutenant Dan Hastings travel to stop the plan. Eutopas escapes while Ursulis is captured by Hastings. Hastings destroys the Space-Warp machine, afterward forcing Ursulis to guide the lieutenant and the Carters to the surface. The foursome fly away in their rocketships.

Dynamic Comics #18 synopsizes the Mexady invasion in a single story. It gives the date of the invasion as 2050. Dan and Gloria express their love for one another after Eutopas begins his invasion. With Lieutenant Hastings battling the Mexadian forces, Eric Nord turns Gloria over to Eutopas in a fit of jealousy. At the end of the story, Eutopas and Ursulis are imprisoned.


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