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    Metropolis is much more than a bustling urban center. Like many east coast American cities, Metropolis is a melting pot of peoples and cultures from around the world. The city is often referred to as the Big Apricot, and the City of Tomorrow.

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    The City of Tomorrow

    It comes as no surprise that Superman chose to make his home here. With a population almost 11 million citizens strong, Metropolis is as big and exciting as any young boy from Smallville, Kansas, could imagine. This city of opportunity gave young Clark Kent his big break as a reporter on the prestigious Daily Planet newspaper. And in those very offices he would find not only lifelong friendship, but true love! Metropolis is a home base for Superman, a home away from home, and it is also a city with its own unique problems. It always needs a helping hand. Both driven by and dependent upon Lex Luthor and LexCorp for its economic well being, Metropolis also faces the constant threat of alien attacks and super-villains. Despite all that, Metropolis is a city in which optimism shines through. It is a city that looks forward, never back.


    The Ark

    Metropolis University (Clark Kent's alma mater) has a floating aquarium anchored just offshore known as the 'Ark'.

    Centennial Park

    Metropolis's Centennial Park is home to the Superman Monument, a bronze statue celebrating the Man of Steel. Previously, it served as a crypt for Superman's body after he appeared to perish in his first great clash with Doomsday. It now also holds both a statue of Superboy as well as his body, after he died saving the world during Infinite Crisis.

    Business & Industry

    The Avenue of Tomorrow is an area of Metropolis that houses the greatest minds of this generation. It is a place of science and discovery.

    Robotwise Industries

    Robotwise Industries manufactures fully automated, remote controlled machines for construction and other applications.


    LexCorp endeavors into all aspects of technology, communication, medical science, technical science, architectural engineering and future technology and more.


    Steelworks is the laboratory of Dr. John Henry Irons and has come to rival LexCorp as it has expanded its reach into many different industries. John Henry renamed it Ironworks to further himself from his superhero life as Steel.


    The primary news outlet is the Daily Planet newspaper.

    WGBS: is a broadcast network based in Metropolis. Clark Kent & Lana Lang are the evening news anchors.

    WMET: was a TV station in the Pre-Crisis universe. Lana Lang was employed here during the Silver Age.

    WXR: was the Metropolis TV station that Lana Lang had initially auditioned for.

    UBC: United Broadcasting Company was the competitor of WGBS in the Pre-Crisis universe. It was headed by President Samuel Tanner.

    Notable Residents

    Senator Ballard, a Senator who worked in Metropolis.

    Booster Gold, was born in the future but made Metropolis his home in his own past. When Booster arrived in Metropolis he was

    Booster Gold
    Booster Gold

    the main hero as Superman was absent. Booster while living in Metropolis tried to make himself the most famous hero of the city while Superman was absent. Where Superman was the "Man of Steel" Booster was the "Man of Gold". When Superman came back he didn't much like Booster but over the years has come to respect him.

    Edge, Morgan, the senior news editor for WGBS.

    Goldstar, Trixie Collins a friend of Booster Gold's who lived in Metropolis and became his partner Goldstar for a short time. Trixie like Superman was from Kansas. After Trixie became Goldstar, Booster's sister did as well.

    Fire Chief Hogan, Chief of the Metropolis Fire Department.

    Lane, Lois, ace reporter for the Daily Planet.

    Lombard, Steve, sportscaster for WGBS.

    Rowland, Jeb, morning newscaster for WGBS.

    Superman, Metropolis is the home town of many heroes but Superman has made it his own home. Superman has made three

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    places his home. He was born on Krypton and sent to earth as a baby. He landed in Smallville, Kansas where he was raised until he went college in Metropolis. After college he got a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet.

    The work Superman does in Metropolis can not be measured. He has helped police and politicians whenever he could and felt is was right to do so. Superman was such a protector of Metropolis that when he got married Batman made sure that the city was protected by virtually every hero in the DC Universe so that Superman could relax and enjoy his honeymoon.

    Thorn, lived in Metropolis and her father worked for the Metropolis police department. She became a hero when her father was killed by a criminal organization known as the 100.

    White, Perry, editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet.


    All over the world, many feared that the Y2K virus would signal the end of computers and mechanized life, causing a riot of chaos and confusion. But for Metropolis, the dawn of a new millennium brought with it an astounding, convulsive makeover courtesy of Brainiac 13. From Suicide Slums to Hob's Bay the city's buildings and infrastructure were remade and upgraded. In a matter of hours, Metropolis had truly become "the City of Tomorrow".

    The Boroughs of Metropolis

    Situated on an island separated from the mainland by Hob's River to the north and West River to the south, Metropolis is a city that has never quite outgrown its "expansion phase." New Troy encompasses the urban boroughs of the island itself. Little Africa is the largest predominantly African American neighborhood in Metropolis, it bears a great resemblance to Harlem. Park Ridge and its subdivisions are Metropolis's oldest suburbs, while Bakerline is home to the city's middle class, for example Jimmy Olsen. Only the wealthiest can afford the ocean front real estate of St. Martin's Island. Hell's Gate and Queenland Park are home to the city's growing immigrant population.

    The Future

    Metropolis is the future location for the Legion of Super-Heroes headquarters. It has become the symbol of a shared universe because of its connections to Superman. Over the years Metropolis has a technologically futuristic landscape.


    Technically, if looked at geographically on our maps, Metropolis is in the state of Delaware.


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